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FEC Consulting

FEC Consulting is a professional, reliable and experienced supplier of a wide selection of high quality custom built as well standard conveyor belt systems for all industries. Besides being a trusted wholesale supplier, FEC Consul...

Hjemmeside: www.fecconsulting.dk Branche: Tools & Machinery

- FEC Consulting

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Promatic Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Promatic Vietnam Ltd. is a Vietnamese manufacturer of sheet metal processing of all kind of stanisteel and metal. Promatic was established in 2012 and the director is Tran Manh Tri. Promatic has 1,700m2 of production facilitie...

Hjemmeside: http://www.ds-wollenberg.dk Branche: Tools & Machinery

- Promatic Vietnam Co., Ltd.

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Summit Electronics ApS

SUMMIT ELECTRONICS ApS is a trading and engineering company focusing on process instrumentation. Instrumentation, Building automation, pumps and production of HPH housings and linear sensors. We focus on process instrumentatio...

Hjemmeside: www.summit.dk Branche: Tools & Machinery

Torben Iversen

Sales Manager - Summit Electronics ApS

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Streno is the producer of unique products which are of high importance for the operational reliability in many small and large Danish industrial businesses. Streno imports and produces stainless wire cloth for strainers e.g. f...

Hjemmeside: http://www.streno.dk/ Branche: Tools & Machinery

- Streno

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Hipaq A/S

HIPAQ A/S specializes in high pressure engineering for industrial, marine and offshore applications. A highly specialised company with global ambitions in our field of expertise. Most solutions are custom-made for optimal performa...

Hjemmeside: http://hipaq.dk Branche: Tools & Machinery

- Hipaq A/S

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Solomatic A/S

Solomatic A/S is a highly specialised company producing automated control equipment for production machinery. Since 2005, the company has delivered innovative solutions to industrial manufacturing companies. The main force is cust...

Hjemmeside: http://www.solomatic.dk Branche: Tools & Machinery

- Solomatic A/S

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Comet Trawl ApS

The history of Comet Trawl dates back to 1963 when the company was established in Esbjerg. Today, Comet trawl is recognised as one of the biggest and oldest trawl and net makers in Denmark with manufacturing facilities in both Esb...

Hjemmeside: www.comet-trawl.dk Branche: Tools & Machinery

John Brink

CEO - Comet Trawl ApS

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Delta Elektronik A/S

Delta Elektronik is your supplier of components and turnkey servo solutions for the following industries: - Medico - Food & Food Processing - Machine building - Packaging - Wood

Hjemmeside: www.deltaelektronik.dk Branche: Tools & Machinery

- Delta Elektronik A/S

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Hagens Fjedre A/S

Hagens Spring Group is a global supplier of customised springs individually designed to meet any customer specifications. As an international order-producing company, Hagens Spring Group provides industrial solutions that exceeds ...

Hjemmeside: http://www.hagens.com Branche: Tools & Machinery

- Hagens Fjedre A/S

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Hjortkær Maskinfabrik A/S

HJORTKAER Maskinfabrik designs, builds and implements waste water separation solutions and industrial washing machines. The product range icludes: - Equipment and complete plant solutions for separation of industrial and muni...

Hjemmeside: http://www.hjortkaer.dk Branche: Tools & Machinery

- Hjortkær Maskinfabrik A/S

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Bliv en del af netværket og få adgang til nye kunder

Med AndersenB2B-netværket får du nem adgang til nye netværkskontakter, potentielle kunder, samarbejdspartnere og leverandører via 1-1 møder, events og faciliterede matchmaking-møder. Mød industrivirksomheder samt underleverandører og rådgivere til industrien via de mange netværksarrangementer, som afholdes i hele landet.

Netværk med fokus på at skabe forretning i uformelle og hyggelige men stramt styrede rammer.


Der kræves PREMIUM eller BUSINESS+ medlemskab for at få adgang til denne funktion.