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Aalborg Gummivarefabrik A/S

AAG is one of the leading suppliers of rubber, foam and plastic in Denmark, and offers solutions that seal, damp and protect people, machinery and material across all industries. The innovative and customised solutions focus o...

Hjemmeside: www.aag.world Branche: Tools & Machinery

- Aalborg Gummivarefabrik A/S

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Hipaq A/S

HIPAQ A/S specializes in high pressure engineering for industrial, marine and offshore applications. A highly specialised company with global ambitions in our field of expertise. Most solutions are custom-made for optimal performa...

Hjemmeside: http://hipaq.dk Branche: Tools & Machinery

- Hipaq A/S

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DESMI Pumping Technology A/S

DESMI – PROVEN TECHNOLOGY DESMI was founded in 1834 by Henning Smith and is one of Denmark’s oldest companies. However, despite its age DESMI is known to be a modern and dynamic organisation which has constantly evolved to...

Hjemmeside: www.desmi.com Branche: Tools & Machinery

- DESMI Pumping Technology A/S

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DAN Industrial ApS

We are providing quality products to industrial and maritime customers within welding, gas cutting, grinding and safety equipment. Furthermore we can provide more than 1000 products within lifting equipment e.g. chain hoists, lift...

Hjemmeside: www.dan-industrial.dk Branche: Tools & Machinery

Kim Jensen DAN Industrial ApS

Owner - DAN Industrial ApS

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”Find new clients, Find new collaborating partner(s), To expand my professional network, To learn from others’ market experience”

Hagens Fjedre A/S

Hagens Spring Group is a global supplier of customised springs individually designed to meet any customer specifications. As an international order-producing company, Hagens Spring Group provides industrial solutions that exceeds ...

Hjemmeside: http://www.hagens.com Branche: Tools & Machinery

- Hagens Fjedre A/S

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TRECO - your supplier of turn key solutions in stainless steel. TRECO A/S is a production and service oriented company specialized in sheet metal and pipe processing since 1992. The TRECO Turn Key concept rests on idea dev...

Hjemmeside: www.treco.dk Branche: Tools & Machinery

Preben Pedersen

Owner - TRECO A/S

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BS Specialslanger A/S

B.S. Specialslanger er en moderne virksomhed med sunde håndværksmæssige traditioner, hvor vi siden 1977 har opbygget en betydelig know how inden for specialløsninger. Filosofien var, som nu, at producere kvalitetsslanger til i...

Hjemmeside: https://bssp.dk/ Branche: Tools & Machinery

Niels Lorentzen

Adm. Direktør - BS Specialslanger A/S

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”Find new clients, Find new collaborating partner(s), To expand my professional network”

Osvald Jensen A/S

Osvald Jensen A/S develops and produces transmission parts for a wide range of industries. We produce high quality worms, gears, worm wheels and worm gearboxes at our factory in Denmark. We maintain close dialogue with our custome...

Hjemmeside: http://www.osvald.dk/ Branche: Tools & Machinery

Lotte Bruun Jensen

CEO - Osvald Jensen A/S

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Fornæs Ship Recycling

Fornaes Aps was founded in 1993 and has, since then, scrapped well over 1000 ships and vessels. Major part of them has been fishing vessels of various sizes, but there were also freighters, supply vessels, ferries and a military v...

Hjemmeside: http://www.fornaes.dk/index.php Branche: Tools & Machinery

- Fornæs Ship Recycling

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Hjortkær Maskinfabrik A/S

HJORTKAER Maskinfabrik designs, builds and implements waste water separation solutions and industrial washing machines. The product range icludes: - Equipment and complete plant solutions for separation of industrial and muni...

Hjemmeside: http://www.hjortkaer.dk Branche: Tools & Machinery

- Hjortkær Maskinfabrik A/S

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Bliv en del af netværket og få adgang til nye kunder

Med AndersenB2B-netværket får du nem adgang til nye netværkskontakter, potentielle kunder, samarbejdspartnere og leverandører via 1-1 møder, events og faciliterede matchmaking-møder. Mød industrivirksomheder samt underleverandører og rådgivere til industrien via de mange netværksarrangementer, som afholdes i hele landet.

Netværk med fokus på at skabe forretning i uformelle og hyggelige men stramt styrede rammer.


Der kræves PREMIUM eller BUSINESS+ medlemskab for at få adgang til denne funktion.