What do our member companies say

2M Ståldesign ApS

Premium member since September 2018

”After only being a premium member in a few weeks, I have already booked meetings with more than 5 relevant member companies from the network after they have been briefed from our contact person at AndersenB2B. Active networking with real results – we like that.”

-Michael Feifer Møller, CEO of 2M Ståldesign ApS

Universal Color & Chemical ApS

Premium member since May 2018

”We have known Andersen Consult in several years, but entering the AndersenB2B network was a good decision. Besides facilitating some relevant and business oriented networking events, we are also using our membership to get more attention and exposure of our company. Lately, a news article shared in AndersenNews and on Linkedin attracted more than 1600 views without any hard work from our side. Easy exposure & active networking.”

-Mads Christoffersen, CEO at Universal Color & Chemical ApS

DIC Group ApS

Premium member since December 2017

”The opportunity to get meetings set up with other member companies from the network is of great value to us. So far, four meetings have been arranged and we hope to get new projects out of it. The hands-on approach facilitated by AndersenB2B is a good match with smaller-size SMEs like us, and we are benefitting from our premium membership.”

-Mikkel Kærsgaard, CSO & Partner of DIC Group ApS

Blue IT ApS

Premium member since June 2018

AndersenB2B is continuously bringing its member companies together based on their individual requests.

"We appreciate that AndersenB2B is the door opener between us and relevant network colleagues. This is a successful method to get in touch with new potential clients with one's guard lowered."

-Says Brian Nonbo, Partner at Blue IT ApS

DAN Industrial ApS

Premium member since March 2018

”Being a premium member at AndersenB2B for less than two months and having already received the first order within the network is absolutely worth highlighting. Being able to get in touch with potential clients from the network through my contact person at AndersenB2B is essential, without this gate opener I would never have been in touch with these new clients. So far, three successful meetings have been conducted, and more are coming. I am looking forward to keep seeing results from my premium membership in this business and action oriented B2B network.”

-Kim Jensen, CEO of Dan Industrial ApS

Kemi-Tech and Hydrofoss - First order secured after participating in our networking event

After participating in our networking event in April 2018, Hydrofoss A/S and Kemi-Tech ApS have agreed to establish a cooperation regarding cleaning of Kemi-Tech’s chemical wastewater. To manage this job, Hydrofoss is installing its energy efficient wastewater system HydroPure 2.4 which will be powered by solar panels.

“I am very impressed by the structure and the output of AndersenB2B’s networking events. I had not expected a concrete order from participating in my first event, but clearly the B2B speed dating seminar is a good way to know the demand of the other participants.”

–Says Brian Sangill, CEO of Hydrofoss A/S

JS Proputec - Networking, Marketing & Financing

Premium member since January 2018

"Thank you for a great event with relevant content and interesting participants confirming me that I get value for money with my premium membership.”

-Concluded by Anders Rytter Madsen, CEO at JS Proputec A/S after participating in one of our recent network seminar.

Besides participating in our network events, JS Proputec A/S is using the marketing aspect of their membership by getting news articles written by AndersenB2B to be shared in the weekly newsletter and on Linkedin. As something new, we are also assisting JS Proputec with securing funding for their market development in South America.

Lyngsøe A/S - Advisory Board Light

Premium Member since November 2017

The three B2B member companies Lyngsøe A/S, Norleg A/S and Chem-Tec Plating A/S are using their premium membership to team up after participating in an export competence training programme last year.

“We wanted to continue the process and have teamed up to continue to benefit from each other’s experience, network and lessons learned. Through our premium membership this group is now facilitated by AndersenB2B with 3 annual meetings. In many ways, the group is now so well functioning that we act as each other’s advisory board light. We have very different companies, products, services and clients, but, in fact, completely the same focus and challenges. So, why not share our experiences in a relaxed and open forum.”

-Jesper Poulsen, CEO of Lyngsøe A/S


As a member of AndersenB2B, you can trust that our team will do its best to find the perfect business match for your company and your project. Our highly skilled employees have many years of experience within network and project development, B2B match making and internationalisation projects. Since 2002, more than 250 commercial projects have been established in cooperation with Andersen Consult.

The AndersenB2B platform is a commercial network tool seriously reducing time and cost to develop rewarding business opportunities. Let us help you to get going with your business plans or support you to expand what you have already achieved - both locally and internationally.

Use the AndersenB2B network to find new clients, suppliers and collaborating partners across markets and sectors like more than 180 member companies are already doing.

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