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DC-SYSTEM INSULATION A/S is a well-run and fully family-owned Danish company. For more than four decades, DC-SYSTEM INSULATION A/S has produced polyurethane insulation panels for national and international markets. Today, the comp...

Hjemmeside: http://www.dc-system.dk Branche: Construction & Buildings


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Dansk Stålmontage

Dansk Stålmontage has more than 30 years of experience in the metal business, working in construction, manufacturing and installation. Dansk Stålmontage works within several ares of the metal business: Drafting & Design: Da...

Hjemmeside: http://www.dsmontage.dk Branche: Construction & Buildings

- Dansk Stålmontage

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Klindt Staldteknik ApS

Klindt Staldteknik ApS was established in 2002 by Michael Klindt. The company is highly experienced in both traditional and automatic milking of cows. Klindt Staldteknik is a supplier of milking and cowshed equipment such a...

Hjemmeside: http://www.klindtstaldteknik.dk Branche: Construction & Buildings

- Klindt Staldteknik ApS

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AL-LIFT is a front runner in its business area with many unique products with exports across most of Europe. Allan Laursen has since the beginning been the promoter of, and at the head of the development of vacuum technology, incl...

Hjemmeside: http://al-lift.com Branche: Construction & Buildings


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Chembo Overfladeteknik A/S

CHEMBO A/S offers surface treatment of many different metals - brass, steel, aluminum, etc. All its surfaces give significant technical characteristics to the product - corrosion protection, solubility, abrasion resistance, electr...

Hjemmeside: http://chembo.dk Branche: Construction & Buildings

- Chembo Overfladeteknik A/S

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Martensen ApS

MARTENSEN ApS is a special type of smithing and machine shop company consisting of four key business departments: 1) Leasing out various industrial machinery and equipment such as excavators, loaders and alike to private as wel...

Hjemmeside: http://martensenaps.dk/ Branche: Construction & Buildings

- Martensen ApS

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NordicFlexHouse IVS

NordicFlexHouse is a private company working in the cross field between sustainable and energy efficient cities and prefab buildings and export system solutions to China market and the Nordic market place. NordicFlexHouse(Sha...

Hjemmeside: http://www.nordicflexhouse.dk Branche: Construction & Buildings

- NordicFlexHouse IVS

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Vestkajens Maskinværksted A/S

Vestkajens Maskinvaerksted A/S was founded in 1988 and is located in Hirtshals, in North Jutland. We are a company with a wide competence area where we provide service within the fishing fleet, merchant navy and various industrial...

Hjemmeside: http://vestkajen.dk/en/ Branche: Construction & Buildings

Tonny Jensen

CEO - Vestkajens Maskinværksted A/S

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Safe-Vent ApS

Safe-Vent is a total solution specialist in preventing and protecting against industrial fire hasards of all types. With years of experience Safe-Vent can accommodate all fire-related risks and deliver a full-package deal to secur...

Hjemmeside: http://www.safevent.dk/ Branche: Construction & Buildings

René Hvidkjær

CEO - Safe-Vent ApS

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TRECO - your supplier of turn key solutions in stainless steel. TRECO A/S is a production and service oriented company specialized in sheet metal and pipe processing since 1992. The TRECO Turn Key concept rests on idea dev...

Hjemmeside: www.treco.dk Branche: Construction & Buildings

Preben Pedersen

Owner - TRECO A/S

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Bliv en del af netværket og få adgang til nye kunder

Med AndersenB2B-netværket får du nem adgang til nye netværkskontakter, potentielle kunder, samarbejdspartnere og leverandører via 1-1 møder, events og faciliterede matchmaking-møder. Mød industrivirksomheder samt underleverandører og rådgivere til industrien via de mange netværksarrangementer, som afholdes i hele landet.

Netværk med fokus på at skabe forretning i uformelle og hyggelige men stramt styrede rammer.


Der kræves PREMIUM eller BUSINESS+ medlemskab for at få adgang til denne funktion.