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TRECO - your supplier of turn key solutions in stainless steel. TRECO A/S is a production and service oriented company specialized in sheet metal and pipe processing since 1992. The TRECO Turn Key concept rests on idea dev...

Hjemmeside: www.treco.dk Branche: Other

Preben Pedersen

Owner - TRECO A/S

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AL-LIFT is a front runner in its business area with many unique products with exports across most of Europe. Allan Laursen has since the beginning been the promoter of, and at the head of the development of vacuum technology, incl...

Hjemmeside: http://al-lift.com Branche: Other


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CUBIC was founded in 1973 based on a unique idea of a modular system for the construction of electrical panels. This idea has since the early start developed CUBIC into a global and recognized partner within electromechanics and w...

Hjemmeside: http://www.cubic.dk Branche: Other


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FILTRA Timber is the first Philippine timber trader which is offering certified sustainable wood to the wood consuming industries and for projects. FILTRA, which is one of the largest Philippine wood importers, is both FSC and PEF...

Hjemmeside: www.filtratimber.com Branche: Other

Per Stangegaard

Managing Director - FILTRA Timber

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”Available to assist new Nordic companies establishing in Philippines.”

Asia House

ASIA HOUSE - Home of business – culture – people Asia House facilitates knowledge sharing among businesses, diplomatic institutions, and academia – strengthening relationship-building between Denmark and Asia. Asia H...

Hjemmeside: www.asia-house.dk Branche: Other

- Asia House

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Cold Flood Prevention ApS

Cold Flood Prevention’s mobile and re-usable storm flood barriers can quickly and easily be laid out and remedy the major consequential damage that often follows along when areas are flooded. - Flood prevention - Road securi...

Hjemmeside: http://cold-sejl.dk/ Branche: Other

Michael Cold

CEO - Cold Flood Prevention ApS

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Unique North A/S

Unique North is an Incoming Tour Operator with head office in Aarhus, Denmark's 2nd largest city, and has offices in Gjövik (Norway) and in Berlin (Germany), and soon, also in Copenhagen. Unique North A/S posses all the ex...

Hjemmeside: http://www.uniquenorth.com/ Branche: Other

- Unique North A/S

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Kemi-Tech ApS

Kemi-Tech provides advanced technology water treatment chemicals and equipment to large industries - With many years of experience in the industri Kemi-Tech is now specialised in sustainable water usage, water treatment efficiency...

Hjemmeside: www.kemi-tech.eu Branche: Other

Nikolaj Harter

CEO - Kemi-Tech ApS

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Much More Water A/S

Much More Water delivers mobile water purification units to governments, NGOs, and military organizations across the globe. The company has created a mobile, modular water purification system that can be shipped easily and set up ...

Hjemmeside: http://muchmorewater.com Branche: Other

Jesper Ellegaard

CEO - Much More Water A/S

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WRE Danmark ApS

Professionelt eftersyn af lagerinventar Hos WRE Danmark tilbyder vi at foretage professionelle eftersyn af lagerinventar. Vores hovedgebet er at udføre reoleftersyn på lagre, hvor der er pallereoler. Det er vigtigt, at re...

Hjemmeside: www.wre.dk Branche: Other

Nicolaj Kjærulff

Indehaver - WRE Danmark ApS

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”Find new clients, Find new collaborating partner(s), To expand my professional network”

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