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Comadan A/S

Comadan was founded as a 100% Danish owned trading company with exports to more than 30 countries around the globe. Comadan markets, besides its brand C-mac control electronics, also a wide range of thermostats, regulators, sensor...

Hjemmeside: http://www.comadan.dk/ Branche: Automation & Robotics

Anders Fjordvald

Sales Manager - Comadan A/S

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”Find new clients, Find new collaborating partner(s), To expand my professional network, To learn from others’ market experience”

Scan-Tech ApS

Scan-Tech ApS is a very experienced automation and engineering company specialised in custom-made processing machines for the food as well non-food sectors. Scan-Tech offers state of the art packaging machines available in many...

Hjemmeside: www.scan-tech.dk Branche: Automation & Robotics

- Scan-Tech ApS

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NTF Aalborg A/S

NTF is a dynamic, healthy and well-consolidated niche company, that was established in 1995. They have: · Modern production equipment · In-house facilities on 2.800m2 · Highly qualified employees · Core Competency: Inno...

Hjemmeside: http://www.ntf.dk Branche: Automation & Robotics

- NTF Aalborg A/S

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Qubiqa Esbjerg A/S

Qubiqa has more than 40 years’ experience in the development and manufacture of machines for the insulation industry. Thorough knowledge of the insulation business, its products and production procedures combined with a fair s...

Hjemmeside: http://www.qubiqa.com/ Branche: Automation & Robotics

- Qubiqa Esbjerg A/S

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AL-LIFT is a front runner in its business area with many unique products with exports across most of Europe. Allan Laursen has since the beginning been the promoter of, and at the head of the development of vacuum technology, incl...

Hjemmeside: http://al-lift.com Branche: Automation & Robotics


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Esbjerg Shipyard

Esbjerg Shipyard A/S provides everything within construction and plate machining in aluminium, stainless and black steel. Esbjerg Shipyard A/S also specialises in performing subcontracting tasks within the energy and wind industri...

Hjemmeside: http://esy.dk/dk/ Branche: Automation & Robotics

- Esbjerg Shipyard

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LSM Pumper ApS

LSM Pumper ApS is a well known industrial pump manufacturer with years of experience in designing and developing large custom industrial pump solutions for a wide range of key industries, both nationally and internationally. LSM P...

Hjemmeside: www.lsm.dk Branche: Automation & Robotics

- LSM Pumper ApS

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Hagens Fjedre A/S

Hagens Spring Group is a global supplier of customised springs individually designed to meet any customer specifications. As an international order-producing company, Hagens Spring Group provides industrial solutions that exceeds ...

Hjemmeside: http://www.hagens.com Branche: Automation & Robotics

- Hagens Fjedre A/S

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SPECIALISTER I 3D RØRLASERSKÆRING Hos QuickTube finder du en samarbejdspartner med en unik viden og erfaring inden for produktionsoptimering med avanceret 3D rørlaserskæring. Når vi løser opgaver for nye kunder, oplever ...

Hjemmeside: https://quicktube.dk/ Branche: Automation & Robotics

Flemming Stig Hansen

CEO - QuickTube

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”Find new clients, Find new suppliers, Find new collaborating partner(s), To expand my professional network”

Orbital A/S

Orbital has more than 16 years of experience with high-tech and custom-made solutions to the global wind energy sector. Orbital is specialised in developing technologically advanced add-on modules and highly efficient wind t...

Hjemmeside: www.orbital.dk Branche: Automation & Robotics

- Orbital A/S

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Bliv en del af netværket og få adgang til nye kunder

Med AndersenB2B-netværket får du nem adgang til nye netværkskontakter, potentielle kunder, samarbejdspartnere og leverandører via 1-1 møder, events og faciliterede matchmaking-møder. Mød industrivirksomheder samt underleverandører og rådgivere til industrien via de mange netværksarrangementer, som afholdes i hele landet.

Netværk med fokus på at skabe forretning i uformelle og hyggelige men stramt styrede rammer.


Der kræves PREMIUM eller BUSINESS+ medlemskab for at få adgang til denne funktion.