Oplysninger om virksomheden

Cold Flood Prevention ApS

Adresse: Pastelvej 14

9850 - Hirtshals

Telefon: 98 94 58 01
Land: Denmark
Brancher: Manufacturing & Design
Transport & Logistics
Construction & Buildings
Water Technology
Aid & Disaster Relief


Navn: Michael Cold
Stilling: CEO
Telefon: +45 2143 5814
Linkedin: Se profil

Beskrivelse af virksomheden
Cold Flood Prevention’s mobile and re-usable storm flood barriers can quickly and easily be laid out and remedy the major consequential damage that often follows along when areas are flooded.

- Flood prevention
- Road security
- Sewer control
- Waste water clogging

The basic idea has always been that the product should be easy to set-up and thus ensure that the set-up can take place without prior training and be fully operational within a maximum of 2 hours. Moreover, the product can be re-used as opposed to sandbags for example.
Cold Flood Prevention ApS has strived to find a solution that replaces the traditional sandbag often used for flooding. The sandbag is not, as one might believe, a cheap and good solution. They are very heavy and costly to lay out, which is slow and troublesome. A filled sandbag is approx. 40 cm long and weighs over 20 kg.

The Flood Prevention Barriers are produced in accordance with the customer’s wishes in shape and length and are, not least, “lightweight” and thereby able to be handled by a minimum number of persons and without help from machines.

The Cold System
With products from Cold Flood Prevention you can build permanent solutions, dams or other constructions as well as change the course of rivers or change the landscape in another way.



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