Oplysninger om virksomheden

Much More Water A/S

Adresse: Staerkendevej 43

4000 - Roskilde

Telefon: +45 8020 8020
Land: Denmark
Brancher: Medico & Health Care
Tools & Machinery
Water Technology
Aid & Disaster Relief


Navn: Jesper Ellegaard
Stilling: CEO
Telefon: +45 40 403 403

Beskrivelse af virksomheden
Much More Water delivers mobile water purification units to governments, NGOs, and military organizations across the globe. The company has created a mobile, modular water purification system that can be shipped easily and set up to run in minutes, using any available water and power sources such as solar power, portable diesel generators or even pedal-powered generators.

MuchMoreWater bases its water purification technology on mobile, modular units known as BlueBoxes. BlueBox units are self-contained and are shipped with all necessary components in place, making the units easy to set up and operate and simple to service. In some cases, NGOs and agencies leave the units behind after the immediate crisis has passed, making local communities independent and self-sustained.

BlueBox units are available in sizes from 30 liters per hour up to containerized units delivering 10,000 l/h. The water purification technologies used range from simple filtering to reverse osmosis which delivers chemically pure water from any source.

MuchMoreWater has sold BlueBox units to international relief organizations, NGOs and military organizations all over the world. The company is based in Denmark and works closely with agencies such WHO, UNICEF and various governments, NGO agencies and military organizations.

Apart from the obvious utilisation in disaster zones and in capacity building in remote areas, the BlueBox technology also has wide applications for the hospital sector and for industrial facilities in need of a reliable water source far from the public water supply.



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