Oplysninger om virksomheden

Kemi-Tech ApS

Adresse: Mosetoften 14

8722 - Hedensted

Telefon: +45 31 500 500
Land: Denmark
Brancher: Medico & Health Care
Agri and Farm-tech
Advisory & Consulting
Water Technology


Navn: Nikolaj Harter
Stilling: CEO
Telefon: +45 2683 8500

Beskrivelse af virksomheden
Kemi-Tech provides advanced technology water treatment chemicals and equipment to large industries - With many years of experience in the industri Kemi-Tech is now specialised in sustainable water usage, water treatment efficiency and sustainable management of various water related processes.

The primary goal of Kemi-Tech is to reduce water usage, improve processing performance and optimise cleaning practices related to various water sources and scenarios. This also means ensuring a more healthy and sustainable energy consumption and chemical consumption through advanced technology, market leading knowhow, concentrated chemical compounds and cross-organisational research.

Key areas of expertise - A color themed product portfolio:
- RED LINE - Steam boilers & boiler water - Boiler Water Conditioning (oxygen, scale formation, sludge formation etc.)
- BLUE LINE - Cooling water - Open Cooling Water Systems (corrosion, formation of deposits, fouling)
- GREY LINE - Bacteria and biofilm - Cleaning Agents & Biocides (legionella, biofilm)
- GREEN LINE - District heating water - District Heating Conditioning (district heating system, accumulation tank)
- ORANGE LINE - Process water - Autoclaving & Pasteurisation Plant (optimised pasteurisation and sterilisation systems)
- Equipment Line - Ion exchange softening facilities, drainage controlled by conductivity meter, dosing pumps, filter solutions, test-kit for self-checking metering and much more.

Visit Kemi-Tech's homepage to read more about each of their product lines as well their advanced technologies and solutions.

Kemi-Tech provides:
• Personal support and services
• Green strategy and technology
• Cost-effective and sustainable solutions
• New and unique chemical developments and performances
• Noncommittal auditing on location

Working with Kemi-Tech means - AndersenB2B recommends Kemi-Tech in all matters related to smart and efficient water treatment.



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