Your Quality Minded Signage Company and B2B Premium Colleague

FR Reklame is a full-line supplier of big as well as small solutions within adhesive, foil, signs, product labels, roll-ups or other print materials to all industries. The company is located north from Aalborg in Vestbjerg and since 2013, Kaj Torp, owner and CEO of FR Reklame, has managed the everyday life of the business and has put a lot of effort in providing the best solutions and highest quality to all of his customers.

“It is very important for us to have a close collaboration to our customer to ensure the wanted end-product is obtained together with the highest quality. Therefore, we are in continuous dialogue with the customer in every step of the process.”, says Kaj Torp, owner and CEO of FR Reklame. And, with more than 30 years in the industry they are more than capable of guiding you with everything from idea and design to fitting and mounting.

Kaj and FR Reklame is known to the variety and demands of different industries which is why all their services and solutions are customised. “In order to be updated on what our customers need, we have chosen to become part of the AndersenB2B network. This way we get close to the customers and are able to adjust our solutions to the specific needs they present us for. I believe that close and personal relations through networking will enhance business opportunities and customer recognition for FR Reklame.”, Kaj concludes.

Interested in knowing more about the solutions provided by FR Reklame? Please contact Kaj Torp at mobile +45 40261150 or mail for further elaboration.

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