Meet Summit Electronics - Your New Premium Member Colleague

Summit Electronics is an engineering and trading company that focuses on process instrumentation, linear sensors, rotary encoders, sensors for HVAC applications as well as design and production of special high pressure explosion proof housings and solutions to ATEX - IECex encapsuling of sensors that are utilised in hazardous environments, such as offshore installations as well as chemical and petro chemical plants. “Everyone at Summit has a mechanical engineering/electrical engineering background and with 20-30 years of experience we are capable of assessing and analyzing every task with great professional competences” states Torben Iversen, Sales Manager at Summit Electronics.

Summit’s business is to supply solutions to a wide range of industries such as Marine, Industrial, Food & Bewerage, Heating&Ventilation, Offshore, Environmental as well as public and private industries as a solution and service partner for their applications.

Torben continues, “We will use our membership to identify business partners where we engage into long term cooperation and build up trust with our B2B colleagues. We are concerned with quality and satisfied customers, just like all my B2B co-members”.

“We were looking for ways of boosting our reach to new possible clients and decided to participate on a networking meeting with It was clear to me that the form of how the networking is organized is a business generator for everyone, regardless of the nature of your business. It was an easy decision to become a Premium member”, Torben adds.

Summit Electronics is a part of Summit Group, in which they have two sister companies “Lisco Analytical” who are specialized in analytical inline instruments for food&bewerage, chemical as well as environmental applications, and “Copenhagen Pump” who is specialized in process pumps offered to the above-mentioned markets

Torben concludes, “Our mission statement is, ‘If nothing moves – Nothing happens’ as Einstein said. It fits perfectly to our group – all media needs measured values as well as being pumped through the installations”.

We at the B2B team are currently booking meetings for Summit and Torben. If you are interested to hear more about their business, please contact us at andersenb2b or Torben Iversen at mobile: +45 24787026 or mail:

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