JS Proputec A/S Celebrates Pump Number 1000, Invest in New Machinery and Prepares for New Markets

JS Proputec A/S Celebrates Pump Number 1000, Invest in New Machinery and Prepares for New Markets

JS Proputec A/S saw the light of day in 2012, arising from JS Maskinfabrik A/S when it was bought by investors. The journey towards an industrial company, consisting of the fabrication unit and global presence agents and business partners widely spread in all continents, have been very fruitful.
JS Proputec A/S celebrated a corner stone last week. They sent out their pump with production number 1000. This event was celebrated as the management arranged a food truck with great joy for all.
An outcome of the vast success JS Proputec has experienced in recent years has been hiring and investing in new machinery. A significant rebuilding of JS Proputec’s facilities have been necessary to welcome the newest machine, CNC Processing Machinery, which will arrive on their doorstep next week. The staff and operators have also gone through extensive education to manage the machinery from the first day of operation.
These days JS Proputec is gearing up to reach a number of new markets. To be specific, the current market opportunity being examined is Morocco. Area Sales Manager, Rene Jensen, will by end of the month explore Morocco researching multiple partner opportunities. The purpose of the visit is to identify the best possible collaborating partners. JS Proputec is currently manning up on its commercial resources both commercially as well with more sales persons for developing markets.

Open for the new tomorrow with new inventions
JS Proputec acknowledge their customers and uses their ideas to develop new inventions. They see great advantages of being close to the costumer both on a day to day basis but also for development to be transformed into real products. Living in the digital world, “we do see that the future demands more as effective solutions for monitoring” CEO, Anders R. Madsen states, and on this path JS Proputec is in front working on digital new age where it is possible to monitor pumps wear and tear both in house and mobile. “We aim to be the first on the world market to monitor pumps for food industry”, Anders concludes.
JS Proputec already offers a number of several pumps for different industries. For example, the JS Lamella Pump. Its unique construction makes it possible to pump large and hard particles such as bones, tissue and grease with minimal wear on the components. Because of this, the JS Lamella Pump is able to pump long distances with an inhomogeneous product which normally would not be pumpable. The use of a closed pipe system reduces problems with hygiene and smell.
Another product from JS Proputec is the JS Easy Clean Lamella Pump which is designed for industries where hygiene is paramount. The pump has the same characteristics as their standard pump, but one side is hinged. This allows one side of the pump to be opened, which makes cleaning and inspection of the pump easy.

Want to be updated on the newest information and products from JS Proputec? Contact Rene on rje@jsproputec.com, visit their website or follow them on LinkedIn.

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