FILTRA Timber - Get in Touch with the Philippines Through the Network

Through our collaboration with NordCham Manila, FILTRA Timber which is run by Per Stangegaard has now signed up as a member on our B2B platform. You now have direct access to Per as a network colleague in the Philippines interested in sharing experience and network with you. Per is also partner/director in which is a joint-venture with one of Denmark’s leading corporate gifts companies.

FILTRA Timber is the first Philippine timber trader which is offering certified sustainable wood to the wood consuming industries and for projects. FILTRA, which is one of the largest Philippine wood importers, is both FSC and PEFC certified. 

“The Philippines had changed quite a lot since my first stay in the country 35 years ago. Back then it was the end and aftermath of the Marcos era, and the economy had not yet started to recover. This is now very different, and with the rapidly developing middle class, and the emergence of condominium living, the local consumer market has increased tremendously. The change into an emerging economy with a fairly stable growth is making the Philippines an increasingly attractive consumer market. The fact that the country is very westernized with both government and business language being English, makes it quite easy to start up in the Philippines, and you very quickly feel at home here."
-Says Per Stangegaard, CEO and owner of FILTRA Timber. 

"Apart from the growth, there are other factors that makes the Philippines an attractive market potential. There is still a lack of sufficiently professional and experienced suppliers of many products and services, as well as for installations, repair, and maintenance. This is an area where European companies can bring experience and expertise, which is really a win/win for the companies as well as the Philippine consumers. There is plenty more to be done in that area."
-Per continues.

Read about FILTRA Timber HERE.

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