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DB Lab A/S

Address: Lille Tornbjerg Vej 24 5220 - Odense SØ
Phone: +45 6593 2920
Country: Denmark
Industries: Medico & Health Care

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About the company
DB Lab is a GMP contract laboratory with more than 20 years of experience. We perform chemical, physical and microbiological analyses on raw material, intermediate and finished products and process samples to mention a few examples. We mainly operate in the pharmaceutical, biotechnical and food industry.

Being a relatively small contract organisation, we are an agile and flexible business partner. Over the years, we have invested in analysis equipment to be able to meet the different needs of our partners and customers and with our 2000 m2 facilities, there is still room for expansion. We take on anlaysis services according to standard methods, such as pharmacopoeia, NMKL etc. as well as tailor-made development and validation of new methods according to ICH guidelines.

DB Lab is a service company with strong and long-lasting customer relations. It is important for us to engage in ongoing dialogue with our partners to be able to provide the best service possible. Quality and credibility are core values to both our customers and to us at DB Lab.



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