As a member of AndersenB2B, you can trust that our team will do its best to find the perfect business match for your project. Our highly skilled employees have many years of experience within internationalisation projects. Since 2002, more than 150 commercial projects have been established in cooperation with Andersen Consult.

The AndersenB2B platform is a commercial partnership enabling tool seriously reducing time and cost to develop rewarding business opportunities. Let us help you to get going with your international business plans or support you to expand what you have already achieved.

Projects started on AndersenB2B.com

AndersenB2B connects its members in commercial collaborations

The need for specialist expertise within Asian markets has entailed that both JS Ventilation A/S and Tor-Mo Trawl ApS has searched for legal advice and collaboration with SKOV Advokater. The collaboration was initiated through their AndersenB2B membership.

“We need experience and very specific know-how in our company, and the B2B-portal really delivered on that part through the partnership with SKOV Advokater.” - Søren Duval, JS Ventilation A/S

And Lars Bundgaard, Partner at Skov Advokater, continues:

“We have a unique opportunity to follow the other members’ activities and offer our services exactly when the demand occurs, and furthermore, be recommended on the portal by the other members. It really works”

Tor-Mo Trawl ApS, and its owner Jesper Hjermitslev, has also decided to establish a collaboration with SKOV Advokater, specifically due to the vast experience residing within the different created partnerships facilitated through AndersenB2B.

Chembo - DBP & Partner Financing

In 2014, AndersenB2B assisted Chembo in securing a 6-months investment grant for their project in Bangladesh. The project was focusing on establishment of a hard chrome production facility in Bangladesh.

The grant co-financed development costs such as; procurement of equipment, international and domestic travel, per diem, consultancy services and salary.

Amanda Seafood - Export

In 2014, Amanda Seafoods decided to engage actively in the Asian markets and, as a starting point, utilise local contacts via cooperation with AndersenB2B. Later on, the company went on to cooperate with AndersenB2B in Thailand concerning marketing and distribution of Amanda’s new product line of tube based high quality seafood products.

In addition to this initiative, the company would be looking at launching another new product, the fish sausage. Both product lines were met with very high interest among the local partner options and currently Amanda is implementing its plans for establishing supply to the large supermarket chains in the country. Moreover, Amanda is seeking new opportunities in Thailand as well as expanding its activities in Vietnam.

Cold Flood Prevention - Export

Cold has developed a new, smart and highly mobile flood prevention technology. The system is highly potential in most countries with flooding challenges. In most cases, the system would be utilised by companies wanting to protect their values and keeping production activities on-going. And, roads, housing, offices etc. would all benefit from having access to a technology which can within less than an hour provide protection from destructive flooding.

AndersenB2B is providing support to marketing and awareness activities in Asia and it is expected to see export of the system during 2015.

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