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Danske Bank A/S

Danske Bank offers a complete range of products and services targeting the various needs of business customers. Danske Bank wants to be its business customers’ trusted financial partner by setting new standards in business b...

Website: Industry: Other / Financing & Funding

DB Lab A/S

DB Lab is a GMP contract laboratory with more than 20 years of experience. We perform chemical, physical and microbiological analyses on raw material, intermediate and finished products and process samples to mention a few example...

Website: Industry: Medico / Cosmetics & Health Care / Other

Embassy of Denmark in Rabat

The Trade Council is the export and investment organisation within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. From the Embassy of Denmark in Rabat, the Trade Council promotes trade and investment between Denmark and Morocco by as...

Website: Industry: Other / Advisory & Consulting / Financing & Funding / Development

Asia House

ASIA HOUSE - Home of business – culture – people Asia House facilitates knowledge sharing among businesses, diplomatic institutions, and academia – strengthening relationship-building between Denmark and Asia. Asia H...

Website: Industry: Other / Advisory & Consulting

Lange PR ApS

Lange PR is a professional, full-service PR agency with a solid experience that matches its impressive portfolio. Lange PR is a dedicated and ambitious boutique PR and communications agency with the stubborn conviction that pro...

Website: Industry: Advisory & Consulting / Communication & Marketing

Solarpark DK A/S

Solarpark is a sister company that originates from Solarpark Rodenäs (SPR) in Germany. Solarpark was established as a limited company in February 2012. In 2003, Dr. Armin Wulf and Frank Groneberg founded SPR as they initiated ...

Website: Industry: Advisory & Consulting / Renewable Energy / Construction & Buildings / Development

LSM Pumper ApS

LSM Pumper ApS is a well known industrial pump manufacturer with years of experience in designing and developing large custom industrial pump solutions for a wide range of key industries, both nationally and internationally. LSM P...

Website: Industry: Medico / Cosmetics & Health Care / Agri and Farm-tech / Manufacturing & Design / Fishing Technology / Automation & Robotics / Marine Industry / Construction & Buildings / Water Technology / Food & Food Processing

Randers Spildevand A/S

Randers Spildevand A/S was established in 2009 to carry out supply tasks in wastewater and water. Randers Spildevand is 100 % owned by Randers Municipality and has approx. 55 employees who ensure purification of the wastewater....

Website: Industry: Other / Water Technology

Reftech A/S

Reftech A/S is an acknowledged specialist in cooling and freezing solutions for all industrial setups - no task is too big or complex! Whether it be pharmaceutical storage units, cooling and freezing houses for perishable goo...

Website: Industry: Heating / Ventilation & Cooling - HVAC

Thyregod A/S

Thyregod A/S is a company full of traditions that was founded in 1918. Thyregod A/S has through the years primarily produced for and serviced the agriculture business, and by doing that grown into a well founded and competent play...

Website: Industry: Agri and Farm-tech / Manufacturing & Design / Tools / Machinery & Equipment

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