Upcoming Events

Date: 7 November, 2019

SME Going International

Host: JS Ventilation A/S + Cool Ceiling A/S
At this event, JS Ventilation A/S and Cool Ceiling A/S will present their experiences as SME going international to the Asian market.

Date: 2 October, 2019

Be Successful with Export

Host: Sika Design A/S
At this event, Sika Design will present their take on a successful export process including challenges as well as dos & donts. Sika Design creates handmade furniture with comfort, quality and sustainability as its main requirements.

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AndersenNews - Week 27

This week, you can read about the financial support IFU can assist you with along with the news about the trade and investment agreements between EU and Vietnam. Lastly, we send out our summer greetings.


AndersenNews - Week 26

This week, you can reread some of the highlights from Q2. Furthermore, you can see the most recent b2b members.


AndersenNews - Week 25

This week, you can read about our upcoming networking event on Funen and Zealand. Furthermore, Andersen Consult is seeking green technology to climate change projects.


AndersenNews - Week 24

This week you can read about a new unique product from one of our premium members. Additionally, you can read about the key points from our latest networking event hosted by Holtec Automatic A/S and 2M Ståldesign ApS.


Safevent - Your Premium Member Colleague with an Unique Product

Safevent specialises in prevention, containment and handling of explosions and fires. They have been a premium member of AndersenB2B the last two years. Read more about what the offer and their newest product development.


AndersenNews - Week 23

This week, you can read about Andersen Consult's trip to Bangkok this week to participate in networking events with the regional Chambers of Commerce. Furthermore, you can read about what contract Andersen Consult just signed.


AndersenNews - Week 22

This week, we remind you about our upcoming networking event on 12 June at jointly hosted by Holtec Automatic and 2M Ståldesign. Also, we announce our first networking event on Sjælland in November jointly hosted by JS Ventilation and Cool Ceiling.


AndersenNews - Week 21

This week you can read about one of your newest premium member colleagues. Also, Andersen Consult and B2B visited Asia House to learn more about the Philippine market and to meet the new Ambassador in Denmark. And last, we have been in Poland meeting potential clients for our members.


Meet Summit Electronics - Your New Premium Member Colleague

Summit Electronics is one of our newest premium B2B members who you can learn much more about in this article.


AndersenNews - Week 20

This week, you can read about how one of our premium members employs the network in order to enhance his company's recognition. We also invite you to participate in the upcoming networking event.


AndersenNews - Week 19

Read about how two of our premium members join hands in the name of climate oriented marketing. You will also find the checklist of services you will get as a premium member of AndersenB2B.


AndersenNews - Week 18

This week, you can read about the ambitions from one of Denmark's automation partner, Holtec Automatic A/S. We also invite you to participate in our Germany market focus group and our upcoming networking event hosted jointly by Holtec and 2M Ståldesign.


A Strive to Become Denmark's Leading Automation Partner

The automation partner, Holtec Automatic is striving at becoming Denmark's preferred supplier of automation solutions. Read about their growth journey and how then plan to become Denmark's leading automation partner.


AndersenNews - Week 17

This week we have facilitated our B2B networking event which was hosted by Kemi-Tech ApS in Hedensted. You can read about the what was shared and debated. Our EAFC group also met this week at Hirtshals Yard.


AndersenNews - Week 15

Read about the fantastic development Chem-Tec Plating A/S has experienced the last year. Also, you will find the final call to participate in our networking event this month. And lastly, an Easter greeting to all.


Chem-Tec Plating A/S Is on the Move

Chem-Tec Plating A/S has experienced their best year ever. Read about their journey of high performance and new investments.


AndersenNews - Week 14

This week, you can red about how NORNA PLAYGROUNDS A/S secures their further development by expanding the owner group with active investors. You will also find an invitation to our upcoming networking event.


Expansion of Number of Owners with Active Investors Secures Further Development of NORNA PLAYGROUNDS

The playground manufacturer NORNA PLAYGROUNDS A/S has expanded the owner group to seven people. The expansion of active investors has secured the further development of NORNA PLAYGROUNDS A/S. Read all about the expansion in the article.


AndersenNews - Week 13

This week, we highlight some of the news we have presented in the first part of 2019.


Guardian Guides You Through Your Duty of Care

The Danish security and risk management company, Guardian guides you on how to live up to your Duty of Care by providing a concrete example.


AndersenNews - Week 12

Read about our participation in this years Crans Montana Forum in Dakhla, Morocco and the clear message from Morocco. Also, you can read about your Duty of Care responsibility when having employees travelling to emerging markets.


Clear Message from Morocco: This Century Must Belong to Africa 

Andersen Consult and AndersenB2B participated in this years Crans Montana Forum in Dakhla, Morocco. Read about the key points of the forum.


JS Proputec A/S Celebrates Pump Number 1000, Invest in New Machinery and Prepares for New Markets

The Danish company JS Proputec A/S, is celebrating their production of pump number 1000. The celebration of the pump is just one indicator of how much success JS Proputec is and have experienced the last years. Read the article to know what the currently are working on.


AndersenNews - Week 11

This week, you can read about the success one of our member companies are experiencing. Also, we invite you to our next networking event and finally you've got new network colleagues. Read the newsletter and find out who.


AndersenNews - Week 10

Read about our networking event held at Asia House last friday. The networking event had the framework 'Doing Business in Morocco'. In this week's newsletter, we are launching our two new market focus groups. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in knowing more.


AndersenNews - Week 9

n this week's newsletter, you can read about the partnership between AndersenB2B and ScandAsia to increase our members' recognition in Southeast Asia. You will also find last call to our Moroccan fisheries delegation in March 25-29, 2019.


AndersenNews - Week 7

This week, you can read about the wine tasting and networking event regarding the Moroccan market. The newsletter also includes an invitation to the FOWT 2019 conference and a presentation of your new B2B network colleagues.


AndersenNews - Week 6

This week, you can read about our next event which involves wine tasting and discussing how to do business in Morocco. You will also find an invitation for our upcoming business delegation to Morocco along with a message from the Danish Ambassador in Rabat.


AndersenNews - Week 5

This week, you can read about our latest networking event hosted by Global Tours in Aalborg Airport. You will also find information about the Africa Market Group which will be launch in the first quarter of 2019.


B2B Networking in Aalborg Airport Generously hosted by Global Tours

Read about our latest networking event i Aalborg Airport.


AndersenNews - Week 4

AndersenB2B invites you and your collaborating partners to participate in our networking event hosted at Global Tours in Aalborg Airport. Furthermore, Andersen Consult and the Danish Embassy in Rabat invite you to participate in the Danish fishing delegation to Morocco in March. Read more in this week's newsletter.


EAFC Meets DanThai Machinery in Thailand

Read about the Asia market entrepreneur network, EAFC, latest market visit in Thailand. Due to the Thailand’s positive economic development and because the market is relevant for most Danish SMEs with export ambitions the country was chosen as this years focus market for the EAFC network.


AndersenNews - Week 3

In this week's newsletter, you can read about the Asia market network group, EAFC, yearly market visit. This year, the focus market was on Thailand. The group met with DanThai Machinery Co., Ltd. to get an insight of both the opportunities and the challenges there are when doing business in Thailand.


SME Business Networking is Key to Problem Solving

Read about how important networking is when doing business in a foreign market as Thailand.


Danish Fishing Technology Cluster to Conduct Trawl Test Fishing in the Philippines

The MoU determines that a cluster of Danish West coast fishing technology companies are to conduct trawl fishing tests in cooperation with local partner Royale Fishing based on the undersigned MoU between the Government of Denmark and the Philippines.


AndersenNews - Week 2

We wish all of you a happy and prosperous new year! This week, you can read about a Danish fishing technology cluster and our upcoming networking event at Aalborg Airport.


AndersenNews - Week 51

In this week's newsletter, you can read our Christmas greeting. We look back on the past year and wish all of our clients and collaborating partners a merry Christmas and a happy new year!


AndersenNews - Week 50

This week, you can read about the evolving of AndersenB2B which now have reached 200 member companies. That means new new network colleagues for you together with an increased opportunity to connect with new suppliers, clients and collaborating partners.


AndersenNews - Week 49

In this newsletter, you can read about the intro meeting we were hosting regarding our Africa Market Group. Also, you will find an invitation to our next business delegation to Morocco in 2019.


First Commercial Order Secured in Bangladesh for JS Ventilation A/S

From their first visit to Bangladesh they knew they had possibilities there. After focusing on the market for years, JS Ventilation A/S has now secured their first commercial order.


AndersenNews - Week 48

Read about the good news from our member company JS Ventilation A/S who has secured their first order in Bangladesh. You will also find a last call notice regarding our upcoming Africa Market Group and information about this years advent calendar.


AndersenNews - Week 47

This newsletter highlights the newest networking event conducted this week, the collaboration between our international interns and member companies as well as the invitation to Africa Network intro meeting.


Strong Link Between our International Interns and B2B Member Companies

Since September, we have worked with three international students assisting us and our member companies with different development tasks and market related requests during a three months internship.


AndersenNews - Week 46

Read about our premium members and the success regarding establishing meetings between them, our new upcoming African network and digital export.


Increase your Export through Digital Platforms 

Yesterday, we attended a well organised event by Væksthus Midtjylland and the Danish Industry Foundation about sales and e-export through global online market places.



Andersen Consult secures Greenline Fishing Gear A/S financial support from Danish Fisheries Agency.


AndersenNews - Week 45

Financial Support + We're in the Market + Networking Event + Meet New Members


AndersenNews - Week 44

Lots of activities in the network this week. Successful briefing at Danske Bank on business opportunities in ASEAN. New mini market cluster focusing on Germany.


Upcoming Market Cluster with Focus on Germany

In 2019, we will invite you to participate in a new Germany Market Group


AndersenNews - Week 42

Read how you can benefit from a premium membership at AndersenB2B and read what our current members say about the network.


AndersenNews - Week 41

Our newsletter this week is full of news related to our upcoming network events. Read about the upcoming Executive Briefing with Danske Bank.


AndersenNews - Week 40

Get financing for your market development activities, read why Ronaldo stays in Herning and meet also the newest B2B members.


Booming Business Opportunities in Morocco and the Philippines

We have just returned from a two weeks assignments in Morocco and the Philippines. Two very different countries and then so very similar – when dealing with exports and trade.


AndersenNews - Week 39

Participate in the SDG Accelerator, last call for networking event on Oct 11, Booming opportunities in Morocco and the Philippines and new article published.


AndersenNews - Week 38

Read about our next networking event, our market discovery tour to Hungary and the new SME programmes launched by Væksthus Midtjylland.


AndersenNews - Week 37

A week full of networking events, new relations and projects. Read about our event at TRECO A/S, our visit to Morocco and Export Day in Odense.


AndersenNews - Week 36

We will be in Morocco and the Philippines the following two weeks, do you need assistance? 16 member companies will meet at the event next week.


AndersenNews - Week 35

New matches and meetings are facilitated between B2B members, new feature at ScandAsia.com and last call for the networking event at TRECO A/S.


AndersenNews - Week 34

Get information about our new Africa Network soon to be launched. Meet also 10 new member companies from the network.


AndersenNews - Week 33

Sign up for our three upcoming network events and read about the opportunity to get expertise on Hungary, Brazil and Canada.


AndersenNews - Week 32

Read about our networking event at TRECO A/S with the EAFC group and access our invitation to the Morocco delegation.


AndersenB2B Featured at ScandAsia.com

AndersenB2B was recently featured at ScandAsia.com, the regional news provider on Nordic businesses in Asia, after Lars Siggaard Andersen's platform presentation in Bangkok.


AndersenNews - Week 31

Read about our upcoming delegations and a successful match between two of our member companies.


Celebrating Morocco's National Day

This week, we were invited to celebrate Marocco’s national day at the recidence of Ambassador Mrs. Khadija Rouissi. We discussed among others, our business delegation to Marocco later this year.


Successful Match between Job Vision & CT International A/S

Before the holidays, we assisted our member company CT International A/S with a job advertisement for a new Export Coordinator. Same week, we were in touch with Job Vision...


AndersenNews - Week 27

We wish you all a fantastic summer with the last edition of AndersenNews before the summer holidays as well as a throwback to the first half of 2018. Read also about IFU's investment record.


Throwback to the First Half of 2018 

We are getting ready for the second part of 2018, but let us first sum up on the activities and new initiatives started this year:


AndersenNews - Week 26

Read about our successful networking event this week as well as two upcoming business delegations to Hungary and Morocco.


AndersenNews - Week 25

We are personalising the Digital Network with New Updates and brings in this newsletter an interesting case from the Philippines.


Network Cooperation in Cambodia and Thailand Launched

Last week, Lars Siggaard Andersen presented the B2B platform to members of Nordcham Cambodia and DTCC Thailand.


FILTRA Timber - Get in Touch with the Philippines Through the Network

Through our collaboration with NordCham Manila, FILTRA Timber which is run by Per Stangegaard has now signed up as a member on our B2B platform.


AndersenNews - Week 24

Last call for next networking event, safe IT related costs with Blue IT and read about our participation in Automation Day last week.


AndersenNews - Week 23

Read about two new funding opportunities, new B2B campaign and our upcoming presentation of the network in Cambodia and Thailand


AndersenNews - Week 22

Join the next networking events in DK and Thailand. Read also about the nordic business opportunities in Cambodia.


AndersenNews - Week 21

Read how you can reduce your costs with DAN Industrial, access our new presentation video, and join Egatec's Automation Day'18


AndersenNews - Week 20

Read about the concrete results from our previous network event and how to benefit from being in a cluster with other SMEs.


Kemi-Tech and Hydrofoss - First Order Secured after Participating in our Networking Event

After participating in our networking event in April, Hydrofoss A/S and Kemi-Tech ApS have agreed to establish a cooperation regarding cleaning of Kemi-Tech’s chemical wastewater.


Fruitful Meeting with the Moroccan Embassy in Copenhagen

This week, we were meeting with the Moroccan Embassy in Copenhagen, H.E. Ambassador Mrs. Khadija Rouissi and Counsellor Mr. Ali Hajji welcomed us at the newly refurbished Embassy in Hellerup.


AndersenNews - Week 19

Read how you can benefit from having an AndersenB2B premium membership as well as new business opportunities in Morocco.


AndersenNews - Week 18

Get introduced to one of our newest B2B members, DS-Wollenberg and learn more about the Andersen Team.


New Strategic Cooperation with NordCham Cambodia

AndersenB2B.com Continues its Networking Outreach and Welcomes Cooperation with Nordic Chamber of Commerce Cambodia.


AndersenNews - Week 17

New strategic cooperation with NordCham Cambodia and new photos from our event on employee motivation and leadership.


Successful Networking Event on Motivation and Leadership

Today we faciliated our networking event at HMK Bilcon on Employee Motivation and Personal Leadership with great success.


AndersenNews - Week 16

This week, you can read about our new cooperation with DanCham in Thailand easing partnerships between SMEs in Denmar Danish and Thailand.


AndersenB2B.com and Danish Thai Chamber of Commerce Launch Cooperation to Bring Danish and Thai SMEs

We are proud to announce that as of today, AndersenB2B.com is launching cooperation with Danish Thai Chamber of Commerce with Director Michael Andersen at the helm.


AndersenNews - Uge 15

The newsletter is now launched in Danish. Read about our networking event with EAFC, new order from Morocco to FabricAir and last call for our event on April 25.


AndersenB2B.com and NordCham Philippines Launch Cooperation to Bring Danish and Philippine SMEs Clos

AndersenB2B.com and NordCham Philippines now announces their cooperation which brings each others' memberships and networks closer together.


AndersenNews - Week 14

Read about our new cooperation with Nordic Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines and meet two new B2B members.


AndersenNews - Week 12

Read about our visit to Manila, new sustainable business model at Lyngsøe A/S and our visit at FoodExpo in Herning.


AndersenNews - Week 11

New pump for the maritime sector successfully tested by JS Proputec, upcoming event on Employee Motivation and Leadership, welcome to 2 new B2B members.


Danish Equipment Requested for Bangladesh

We are in contact with a local company in Bangladesh who is requesting Danish products for an agricultural off grid project.


AndersenNews - Week 10

Read about our next networking seminar, upcoming delegation to Morocco and request for Danish equipment from Bangladesh.


Invitation to AndersenB2B Networking Event on April 25

Registration for our next networking event is now open. On Wednesday 25 April, we invite all member companies and collaborating partners to our networking seminar held at HMK Bilcon.


AndersenNews - Week 9

Read how to benefit from your membership and how to receive DKK 250,000 for your internationalisation process outside the EU.


AndersenNews - Week 8

Ampliqon has signed new contract with Moroccan distributor, Book meetings with your B2B colleagues and meet 5 new B2B members signed up at the platform,


His Royal Highness Prince Henrik has Passed Away

On behalf of all our AndersenB2B members, the Andersen Consult team offers its condolences to the Royal Family.


AndersenNews - Week 7

Access our condolences to the Royal family, 53 replies from the network, 3 new projects uploaded and webinar invitation from Danske Bank.


Three Chinese Companies Searching for Danish Suppliers and Partners

In collaboration with Innovation House China-Denmark, we have been informed about three Chinese companies in the agriculture, chemical, waste management and environmental fields looking for Danish know-how.


AndersenNews - Week 6

Read about new funding opportunities, more projects to Morocco and a great offer from Lean Landing.


Valuable Export Experiences Shared between B2B Members

A high spirited experience and knowledge sharing B2B member event took place at Gardin Lis in Randers on Wednesday.


AndersenNews - Week 5

Read about our networking event in Randers and presentation at Asia House's business forum in Copenhagen.


AndersenNews - Week 4

Read about opportunities in Cambodia and Brazil as well as participation in Industrial Supply in Hannover.


AndersenNews - Week 3

Read about Cambodian business opportunities identified, four new B2B members and last call for networking seminar.


AndersenNews - Week 2

Read about: DIC Group - Not a Regular Welding Workshop, Lange PR Secures 3.9 Million Contract and New Report on Danish Export: Germany is No. 1


AndersenNews - Week 1

Happy New Year + invitation to our network seminar on January 31.


AndersenNews - Week 51

Read about the new AndersenB2B features, predictions for international E-commerce in 2018 and Christmas greeting from the Andersen team.


E-commerce Expected to Invade Global Trade in 2018

Read about the predictions and digital trends for the global trade in 2018.


AndersenNews - Week 50

Read about the next AndersenEvent and highlights from the past year.


AndersenNews - Week 49

Read about AndersenB2B Advent calendar, positive feedback from the latest delegation and IFU investment news.


AndersenNews - Week 48

Read about new B2B member, successful funding application and focus on a new market.


AndersenNews - Week 47

Meet four new B2B members and read about new upgrade on AndersenB2B soon to be launched as well as our business delegation to Cambodia almost good to go.


AndersenDelegation to Cambodia Almost Good to Go

14 companies have signed up for participation on this Danida Business Delegation supported fact finding mission to Cambodia for Danish companies.


AndersenNews - Week 46

Read about the next AndersenB2B network meeting, B2B member acknowledgement and new HR project planning tool developed by B2B member.


AndersenNews - Week 45

Support to Myanmar projects, B2B members succes in Bangladesh and new projects uploaded on the platform.


AndersenNews - Week 44

Read about the Morocco business delegation, the development of a new device for trawl fishing and the acknowledgement of B2B member.


AndersenNews - Week 43

Morocco delegation ready to kick off and member news concerning Norleg A/S.


AndersenNews - Week 41

Read about the successful DanFish International and EAFC network day in Esbjerg.


Successful DanFish 2017

High spirits, game changing equipment and some of the most innovative players in the maritime sector. DanFish International is taking place this week in Aalborg with full speed. 


AndersenNews - Week 40

Read about the sales of B2B member DAFI Tropicdane and the Danish Export Day.


AndersenNews - Week 39

DanFish International and Danish Export Day coming up.


AndersenNews - Week 38

Read about B2B member IFU, member event in Copenhagen and the new CETA-agreement.


AndersenNews - Week 37

Read about new IFU interaction with Danida Business Finance and upcoming business delegations


AndersenNews - Week 36

Market focus on Morocco and grant funding helps B2B members to grow


AndersenNews - Week 35

Invitation to business delegation and funding for your projects.


AndersenNews - Week 34

Upcoming business delegations and B2B member news.


AndersenNews - Week 33

Share your export experiences with your network colleagues and read about trade delegations i 2018.


AndersenNews - Week 32

Business is back on track after the Summer Holidays.


AndersenNews - Week 27

Access AndersenNews week 27


Andersen Consult delegation leads to first order for Ampliqon in Tanzania

Ampliqon A/S participated on our Danida Business Delegation to Tanzania in September last year with the purpose of identifying a new distributor of its PCR enzymes. This week, the first delivery from Ampliqon A/S has reached Dar es Salaam and the new distributor.


AndersenNews - Week 26

Access AndersenNews week 26


AndersenNews - Week 25

Access AndersenNews week 25


Strong B2B Partnership Secures Norwegian Orders

K.M. Fish Machinery and Hirtshals Yard have initiated a reference based partnership where they are forwarding clients to each other.


Kemi-Tech ApS increases focus on Southeast Asia

Kemi-Tech ApS and its owner, Nikolaj Harter, ends his first fact finding mission in Southeast Asia this week and states *“this region is an absolute must. We have to get more businesses out here, lots to do for anyone”*.


AndersenNews - Week 24

Access AndersenNews week 24


The first AndersenEvent was a great success

The event was focused on export financing and preparing the companies for the financing related challenges that may occur when entering new markets and initiating an internationalisation process.


AndersenNews - Week 23

Access AndersenNews week 23


Invitation: Danida Business Delegation to Morocco

Meet new potential clients and key players, establishment of export opportunities, business partnerships and/or export activities within Sustainable Solutions for the Food Processing Industry.


AndersenNews - Week 22

Access AndersenNews week 22


AndersenNews - Week 20

Access AndersenNews week 20


AndersenNews - Week 19

Access AndersenNews week 19


AndersenEvent Invitation: Export Financing & Networking

AndersenB2B inviteres all B2B members and collaborating partners to a networking seminar regarding export financing on June 14.


AndersenNews - Week 18

Access AndersenNews week 18


Andersen Consult Business Delegation to Bangladesh Results in Danish Exports

15 Danish companies went with Andersen Consult to Bangladesh to assess a plethora of business opportunities. Besides several exiting company visits the delegation also attended a planned B2B match making event as well participated in a large Green Growth Conference and more.


AndersenNews - Week 17

Access AndersenNews week 17


AndersenNews - Delegation to Dhaka

Access AndersenNews - Delegation to Dhaka


AndersenNews - Week 16

Access AndersenNews week 16


AndersenNews - Week 14

Access AndersenNews week 14


Cold Flood Prevention - successful market penetration in the Asia-Pacific region

Cold Flood Prevention has received massive appraisals for its succesful demonstrations of its flood prevention solutions from both private companies and public officials. CEO of Cold Flood Prevention, Michael Cold, requested Lars Andersen, CEO of Andersen Consult and AndersenB2B, to support and consult Cold Flood Prevention during the demonstration tour in Southeast Asia.


AndersenNews - Week 13

Access AndersenNews week 13


AndersenNews - Week 12

Access AndersenNews week 12


AndersenNews - Week 11

Access AndersenNews week 11


AndersenNews - Week 10

Access AndersenNews week 10


AndersenNews - Week 9

Access AndersenNews week 9


AndersenB2B - Grow Your Business in Vietnam

AndersenB2B is always looking for new business opportunities on behalf of our members - We are currently in Vietnam to build business bridges between Denmark and Vietnam


Business Delegation to Bangladesh - April 2017

Andersen Consult invites Danish companies to participate in its multi industry Business Delegation to Bangladesh - In collaboration with a strong local partner


Business Delegation to Sri Lanka - January 2017

Andersen Consult invites Danish companies to participate in its Business Delegation to Sri Lanka - In collaboration with a strong local partner


Business Delegation to Vietnam - January 2017

Andersen Consult invites Danish companies to participate in its multi industry Business Delegation to Vietnam - In collaboration with a strong local partner


Business Delegation to the Philippines - November 2016

Andersen Consult invites Danish companies to participate in its multi industry business delegation to the Philippines - In close cooperation with the Danish Embassy in Manila


The First Order is Secured after a Successful Trade Mission to Tanzania

From 18-22 September, a number of Danish companies participated in an Andersen Consult developed Danida Business Delegation to Tanzania organised in close collaboration with the Danish Embassy in Dar es Salaam. The companies visited Tanzania to identify new opportunities, potential clients, distributors and business partners. And what a success – the first deal is already closed and two fresh business partnerships are being formed less than a week after returning to Denmark.


Filippino B2B partner is now looking into Europe

Fisherfarms, an AndersenB2B partner that we met during a business delegation to Manila in January, is now successfully initiating its exports of milkfish to European markets.


Zealand Global

Exiting news for all AndersenB2B members in Zealand: Væksthus Sjælland has just announced a new finance track titled ZEALAND GLOBAL. It is a grant of: 100.000,- DKK directed at SMEs with the objective to enhance their export and engage with growth markets commercially.


High Demand for Danish Technology in Asia

This morning, the Danish newspaper Jyllandsposten published an online article stressing the need for Danish technology in Asia. According to Jyllandsposten, the 10 ASEAN countries have an annual growth of 4-5 % which means a fast growing middle class and high demand for new equipment, knowhow and technologies.


Grow your business - Agro & Food Delegation to Nigeria

Andersen Consult invites Danish SMEs to participate in a business delegation to Nigeria - one of the fastest growing markets in Africa offering market opportunties for Danish companies. The sector focus of the delegation is agro, food and processing technology.


Danish Food & Food Processing Technology Delegation to Myanmar 2015

Thai-Danish Chamber of Commerce brings article on the subject of the Andersen Consult Food & Food Processing Technology Delegation to Myanmar.


Great News for Shrimp Importers

According to the Bengali newspaper The Daily Star, EU has recently eased the rules for shrimp export from Bangladesh. With the new rules, the Bengali exporters are no longer required to attach analytical reports with their shipments.


Invitation to Danida Business Delegation to the Philippines

In close cooperation with the Danish Embassy in Manila, Andersen Consult invites Danish companies to participate in a business delegation to the Philippines. The focus of the delegation is fishing, fishing technology, seafood processing and all related technologies.


Andersen Consult’s Participation in the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015

Meanwhile Andersen Consult conducted its food and food processing technology delegation with 14 participating Danish companies in Myanmar last week, Andersen Consult participated in two exciting entrepreneurship events as well.


State Visit to Indonesia Brands Denmark

Andersen Consult participated along with 61 other Danish companies on the first ever Danish State Visit to Indonesia by HM the Queen and HRH the Prince Consort. Brilliantly organised by the Danish Embassy, Ambassador Casper Klynge and his team.

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