The AndersenB2B Concept

Imagine you can save minimum one flight ticket, save a number of hotel nights and identify your next foreign business partner from behind your desk. No endless meeting programme searching the next possibility. AndersenB2B links you to our pool of local companies from emerging markets to provide you with easy access to new business partners. Access to new markets has never been easier. Danish companies with an interest in pursuing business opportunities abroad, but not yet involved, or companies fully engaged and with an interest to expand the market reach, the AndersenB2B platform is an easy gateway. Upload your business request, and we will match you with our pool of foreign companies.

For foreign companies, AndersenB2B is a quick spot to identify relevant and professional suppliers of technology, sourcing partners or simply professional Danish companies on the look out for a business partnership in your market. Our objective is straight forward: We aim to provide you with access to business, markets and financing.

A part of Andersen Consult

AndersenB2B is a part of Andersen Consult, an internationalisation consultancy specialised in providing advice on establishment and development of enterprises in growth economies on the basis of Danish entrepreneurs’ knowledge and skills. The Andersen Consult mission is about internationalisation and reaching global business opportunities for our clients with a particular focus on emerging markets. Since 2002, we have developed concentrated business experience on a long list of markets. Experience which is offered as a direct market gateway to our clients. Andersen Consult emphasises a hands-on approach to the development of profitable business opportunities on our target markets. We work with all sizes of enterprises, utilising cluster approaches to manage larger scale tasks and provide quality assurance to the business processes via networking at home and abroad.

Andersen Consult's access to key decision makers, both private and public, is vast and we take pride in being able to take our clients from idea to invoice. Every market holds opportunities, no matter its level of development. Andersen Consult's speciality is to identify the right opportunity and combine it with the right business entity. Andersen Consult is highly experienced in developing challenging and eye-opening business missions where the key objective is matching business-ready entrepreneurs. We work closely with the institutional promoters of globalisation and export initiatives, however, always true to our own mission. Together with Andersen Consult, you move your business.

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As a member of AndersenB2B you are able to offer your equipment and/or technology to foreign companies with similar demands.


AndersenB2B is an easy way to connect with global partners around the world in no time.


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