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FEC Consulting

Address: Industrivænget 10 3320 - Skævinge
Phone: +45 48 24 85 45
Country: Denmark
Industries: Medico & Health Care
Agri and Farm-tech
Manufacturing & Design
Fishing Technology
Advisory & Consulting
Automation & Robotics
Tools & Machinery
Marine Industry
Food & Food Processing

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About the company
FEC Consulting is a professional, reliable and experienced supplier of a wide selection of high quality custom built as well standard conveyor belt systems for all industries. Besides being a trusted wholesale supplier, FEC Consulting also provides on-location consultancy and advisory from design phase to final installation.

Some of the largest Danish companies have used FEC Consulting as a service partner. References include: 3-stjernet, Grundfos, Novo Nordisk, Arla, Alfa Laval, Chr. Hansen, Rynkeby, Linak, Danish Crown and many more.

FEC Consulting is able to provide any kind of unique custom-made conveyor belt solution and offers Denmark's largest online product portfolio of standard models and spareparts. Visit FEC Consulting's website and see the massive amount of conveyor belt solutions available today - you can even try the online measuring system that allows you to build a complete conveyor belt system to your specific needs and requirements.

FEC Consulting is a classic family business that has existed for almost 20 years. Today, it is the son, Erik Bjeld, who runs the company. Erik Bjeld practically grew up with conveyor belts and as a result he has developed an immense knowhow of the application, customisation and implementation processes of all conveyor belt related matters.

FEC Consulting's product portfolio covers:
- Conveyor belts
- Toothed belts
- Modular belts
- Round belts
- Profile belts
- Poly-V belts
- V-belts
- Flat belts
- Pulleys
- Conveyors
- Clamping plates
- Spareparts
- Tools of the trade

FEC Consulting is able to accommodate complex inquiries to machine parts and tools as well deliver custom made solutions in its metal workshop. FEC Consulting always makes sure that every conveyor system is accurately fitting the intended setup and desired customer requirements.

Services include:
- CNC Turning, Milling and Cutting.
- Manual cuttings, metal sheet bending, sprockets, threadings, pulleys, special drilling and surface grinding.

Materials able to process:
Aluminum, stainless steel, steel, cast iron, brass, pom, tool steel and various types of plastics.

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