Cold Flood Prevention - successful market penetration in the Asia-Pacific region

Cold Flood Prevention – Saving lives and safeguarding infrastructure

We are happy to announce that Cold Flood Prevention has successfully tapped into the vast potential in Southeast Asia and is now fully engaged in an immense development project with active cooperation with Andersen Consult and AndersenB2B to secure, maintain and develop access to key markets in Asia.

During two weeks, Michael Cold and Lars Siggaard Andersen have completed several meetings and demonstrations to promote the cutting-edge technology found in Cold Flood Prevention’s solutions.

Cold Flood Prevention is highly effective, mobile and an easy to apply technology which ultimately secures massive cost reductions related to preventing flooding disasters as compared to utilising sandbags.

The Cold Flood Prevention system allows users to easily re-use the technology for years to come. As compared to the traditional sandbag application, which can only be used once, the Cold Flood technology is mobile, easy to set-up and has life-time span of up to 10 years. A low cost, effective and environmentally sustainable method for counteracting flooding disasters.

“Asia is a very large and interesting market with gigantic challenges from climate change and subsequently recurring flooding.” Michael Cold, CEO Cold Flood Prevention.

Southeast Asia offers a vast unexplored business potential for many Danish industries, but penetrating a new market can be a very costly affair if not approached correctly.

With that in mind, Michael Cold decided to engage into a close cooperation with Andersen Consult and AndersenB2B to directly secure access to the right partners and to shorten the process from product to invoice in this exciting region.

Andersen Consult has navigated the Southeast Asian markets for several decades and amassed a profound understanding of the different business climates inherited within the different countries in the region. With years of on-location experience Andersen Consult has built a massive network of business practitioners and companies representing almost any industry – a network that is now open to members of AndersenB2B.

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We offer cost-effective, professional and a low risk business solutions for export-ready companies.

Want to know more about Cold Flood Prevention and our abilities to open doors in foreign markets? Contact AndersenB2B or Andersen Consult today and we will make sure that your business is able to grow to the next level.

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