AndersenB2B General Terms and Conditions 2018

When deciding to utilise AndersenB2B’s services, it is simultaneously accepted between the User and AndersenB2B that the following is a user agreement between User and AndersenB2B. The agreement defines the rights and obligations related to the usage of AndersenB2B’s services.

Signing Up
To use the services on AndersenB2B, it is necessary to sign up. Signing up is done by accessing the Sign Up page on the platform. Users may contact AndersenB2B for support with signing up as well as describing their company. A fee may be charged for services rendered. Signing up is only accessible for entities which can engage into legally binding agreements. AndersenB2B services are not available to under aged persons. The right to decline to provide our services and change the preconditions for the usage of the services by information to the user via electronic mail is maintained.

Legal Relation between the Parties
AndersenB2B has no ownership of any transaction between Users on its website. AndersenB2B is an information portal. On the portal, products and services are being marketed which belong to third Party. AndersenB2B is in no way responsible for products and services sold as well as for any information provided by users or third party on the Portal. This also includes in the circumstance that AndersenB2B provides support to users for signing up and/or describing their company, services and products.

Responsibility for Services
AndersenB2B cannot be held responsible for delays or fall outs in the services provided under this agreement. User acknowledges that disconnection can occur and parts of the portal’s services can be inaccessible or inactive due to reprogramming or due to upgrading activities.

Protection of personal data
AndersenB2B assures that all member comanies' personal data is safely managed. We are working according to the new GDPR-regulation that entered into motion on the 25th of May 2018.

Responsibility for Product and Services and User Description
AndersenB2B cannot control or provide statements on any issue concerning the goods and services being marketed on the portal as well as we cannot be held liable for any information provided about listed companies and their information on the portal.

Prohibited Actions
Information provided by user cannot a) be false, imprecise or misleading. b) be fraudulent, involve stolen goods or goods which from other reason do not belong to User. c) violate third party copy rights, patent rights, trademarks, trade secrets or other intellectual property rights. d) violate any law or any regulation. e) be insulting or threatening. f) inflict AndersenB2B obligations which the portal has not in writing accepted. User is obliged at all times to use the portal according to the directives and purpose stipulated by AndersenB2B. Violating any of the above involves closing of User’s account and prompt investigations into User’s liability.

Closing of Account or Service
AndersenB2B decides solely whether to close any User account or any service provided by the portal at any time. User fully accepts this prerogative. AndersenB2B is not obliged to inform user of the specific reason in case of closing an account.

Login Password
User may not pass on or disclose its password to other Users. User may not utilise other Users’ password. AndersenB2B is not responsible for losses caused by User or any subsequent impact which is derived by unjustified access to User’s account. Do not disclose your password.

User cannot assign any rights or obligations from this agreement without the consent of AndersenB2B.

Termination of User’s membership shall be sent to AndersenB2B via the portal’s public mail account: Termination is carried out based on current month plus three months.

The Parties observe mutual confidentiality on issues which are related to or derived from this agreement unless stipulated otherwise by the law.

This agreement and the services governed by it, is subject to Danish law. Any dispute between the parties shall be settled by the Court of Aalborg as the agreed forum.

Premium membership is required to access this function.