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C.F. Nielsen

Hjemmeside: www.cfnielsen.com
Adresse: Solbjergvej 19

9574 - Bælum

Telefon: +45 98337400
E-mail: sales@cfnielsen.com
Land: Denmark
Brancher: Agri and Farm-tech
Tools & Machinery
Renewable Energy


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E-mail: sales@cfnielsen.com
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Beskrivelse af virksomheden
C.F. Nielsen is a trusted global supplier of high quality briquetting machines and equipment - C.F. Nielsen provides high performance and easy-to-use solutions to any briquetting need - whether it be a standard fixed unit, an automated plant unit or even a transportable unit.

In regards to doing business C.F. Nielsen is an attractive, reliable and professional business partner. Over the years C.F. Nielsen has provided its innovative solutions to many different companies in various geographic locations - from Russia to Namibia.

C.F. Nielsen's briquetting solutions offer best performance, massive capacity and overall durability on all parameters. Briquetting presses from C.F. Nielsen are more powerful, durable and reliable than the average hydraulic presses. All briquetting machines from C.F. Nielsen are industry 4.0 ready with IOT-applications, meaning that they can be connected to dedicated control panes as well any mobile device, such as tablets and smartphones, with full data-cloud integration with maximised cyber security. Now it is possible to monitor, operate or search for failures and even to reprogram the PLC-function remotely from practically anywhere.

- BP 2000 - Output: 225 kg/hour, briquette size: Round 50 mm diameter
- BP 3200 - Output: 400-600 kg/hour, briquette size: Round 60 mm diameter
- BP 4000 - Output: 50-750 kg/hour, briquette size: Round 60 mm diameter
- BP 5000 - Output: 800-1200 kg/hour, briquette size: Round 75 mm diameter
- BP 5510 - Output: 900-1400 kg/hour, briquette size: Round 75 mm diameter, Square 65x65 mm
- BP 6510 - Output: Up to 2300 kg/hour, briquette size: Round 90 mm diameter, Square 75x75
- BP 7010 - Output: 1300-2500 kg/hour, briquette size: Round 90 & 100 mm diameter, Square 75x75 & 85x85
- BP 7510 - Output: 2000-3500 kg/hour, briquette size: Round 110 & 120 mm diameter, Square 100x100
- SBP-9 Star - Output: 5000 kg/hour, briquette size: Round 40-60 mm diameter
- BPU 2500-6500 - A selection of self-contained total solution units fitted with buffer silo, dosing screw and control panel
- Mobile BP - Integrated in a 20-foot container - available in models BP3200 to BP6510

Besides the solid selection of custom-made briquetting machines C.F. Nielsen also offers many types of spareparts, briquetting breakers, saw machines and silos - even second hand models are available. Contact C.F. Nielsen and get a quotation on the last briquetting machine you will ever need.

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