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Sea-Safe ApS

Adresse: Grabows Vej 24

9460 - Brovst

Telefon: +45 22 24 35 67
Land: Denmark
Brancher: Marine Industry
Aid & Disaster Relief


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Beskrivelse af virksomheden
Sea-Safe develops life saving equipment with a strong focus on secure and innovative ladder solutions for all kinds of marinas, docks, quays and ports.

Through the years Sea-Safe has visited many locations in order to assess the circumstances for proper harbour security. Sea-Safe experienced that the visited locations all had a common issue - the overall lack of safety measures was severely critical and far from compliant with operational functionality.

The equipment exudes quality and functionality thus infusing a major sense of security for the large group of people situated in the many exciting port-environments, marinas, seashore-, lake- and recreational areas.

Increase "sea-curity" with the Sea-Safe Safety Ladder
- Easy to find - The built-in light ensures visibility from minimum 400m
- Easy to use – The ladder is customised to the individual port. Lifesaver and blanket is mounted on the stand
- Real-time response – The ladder system provides alerts immediately when the lifesaver is removed
- A tracking unit in the lifesaver ensures fast and easy recovery

Product Description
- The result of a close cooperation between a danish and a norwegian company
- Top part of ladder is mounted in quay. Lower part is mounted with cuffs, ensuring movement under heavy load
- Solar panel – thus no cables!
- Saline resistant LED system
- Guaranteed frost proof
- Customised for the individual location - the ladder will always be 80cm under lowest water level

Standard equipment
- Ladder (2-piece) incl. mounting hardware
- Stand, individually numbered for quick identification
- Efficient solar panel
- 2 back-up batteries
- 16 LED in the uprights – visible in 180o radius

Optional equipment
- GSM modem, connected to alarm center or port authorities
- GPS alert in case of error or low battery
- Log registration of date/time of collision, and/or alert to alarm center or port authorities
- Lifesaver with GPS and a beam
- Gauge for temperature, wind and water
- Light below ladder for illumination of hazardous areas
- A nice blanket

The Sea-Safe Safety ladder is safeguarded from power failures by being powered individually from its own independent source – a highly efficient solar panel supported by a long-life battery. Should the solar panel experience a malfunction then the battery ensures that the lights remain - even if the light fails completely in one ladder, the rest of them still work.

Sea-Safe Safety ladder has been tested by a diver in full gear:
His evaluation is that you can easily raise yourself out of the water using this ladder, even if you are wet and heavy. The grip is good even for cold and frozen fingers as the uprights are distanced from the quay-wall and the steps are placed in suitable distance making it easy to climb up. The last ascent up onto the quay is made easier by the curved rails above the quay.

The bottom step of Sea-Safe Safety ladder is always placed at least 80cm below the lowest water level, ensuring that any person will be able to use the ladder system appropriately.



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