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Arctic Group A/S

Hjemmeside: www.arcticgroup.dk
Adresse: Langerak 17

9220 - Aalborg Øst

Telefon: +45 96 32 19 00
E-mail: info@arcticgroup.dk
Land: Denmark
Brancher: Medico & Health Care
Agri and Farm-tech
Fishing Technology
Transport & Logistics
Advisory & Consulting
Tools & Machinery
Food & Food Processing


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E-mail: info@arcticgroup.dk
Telefon: .

Beskrivelse af virksomheden
Arctic Group A/S is a progressive and experienced trading company with a global distribution network reaching the farthest corners of the world.

Arctic Group entails two affiliate companies; Arctic Import and Global Supply & Trading (GSAT). You can read more about the interlinked relations in the appended document: "Arctic Group Overview".

Global Supply & Trading specialises in:
- Consultancy
- Fast Moving Consumer Goods
- Local produced products for the local market and export

GSAT has a global presence with a distributionsnetwork that covers China and East Africa with local subsidiaries in Kenya and Tanzania. GSAT has an immense knowhow in relation to doing business in many local markets with a profound understanding of their respective requirements and possibilities.

Arctic Import's main focus is on trade and shipping to Greenland, where it owns and manages retail stores in Ilulissat, Uummannaq and Nuuk. Furthermore, Arctic Import is a trusted supplier to approximately 100 independent groceries and drugstores in Greenland, on the Farao Islands and Iceland.

Arctic Import specialises in:
Colonial, refrigerated and frozen food, fruit and vegetables, wine and spirits, catering foodservice, equipment for commercial kitchens, interior solutions, office supplies, toys and playground equipment, educational material, cleaners and cleaning equipment, construction machinery and material and tools.

Arctic Group is always looking to expand its business - contact them today if you have a relevant business proposal.

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