Oplysninger om virksomheden

Odin Diving A/S

Hjemmeside: www.odindiving.dk
Adresse: Aggersundvej 55

9670 - Løgstør

Telefon: +45 98 15 30 30
E-mail: info@odindiving.dk
Land: Denmark
Brancher: Advisory & Consulting
Marine Industry
Aid & Disaster Relief

Beskrivelse af virksomheden
Odin Diving is a leading service provider of a wide selection of underwater repairs, maintenance, light construction and inspections of industrial ships and vessels. With a strong and experienced team of supervisors, divers and technicians, Odin Diving is able to tackle any underwater challenge - no matter the geography, size or complexity of the assignment at hand. Odin Diving has its own fabrication workshop and dive test tank as well relevant and necessary certificates. All services carried out by Odin Diving are concluded with a written report and documentation.

Odin Diving greatly reduces downtime in regards to repairing a bent, damaged or broken component. Larger vessels no longer need to dock and unload the entire cargo to go in dry-dock for repairs - Odin Diving can fix almost any problem on the spot with its unique mobile underwater habitat.

Odin Diving's average global response and project leadtime is as low as 3 days - a great reduction in time and resources consumed as compared to conventional dry dock repairs.

Odin Diving also performs NDT above and below the waterline in regards to both Level I, II and III personnel, enabling the possibility to perform all phases of the inspection, from planning to delivery of documentation. Odin Diving is certified by DNV-GL to perform NDT on offshore projects and offshore components and devices. All non-destructive testing performed by CSWIP inspection certified divers. Odin Diving A/S’ equipment and planned maintenance system is fully compliant with NORSOK U-100, IMCA D018, D023 and D040 as well national legislation.

Key offshore services include, but are not limited to:
• Repair, removal and replacement of propellors, valves, rope guards, ICCP, Speed Logs, Echo Sounders, rudders, thrusters and Azimuth units.
• Underwater hull cleaning; High pressure water jetting; Hydraulic operated brushes; Low pressure grit blasting; Sea chest cleaning.
• Extensive weld repairs; dry and wet welding in accordance with newest methods and requirements as well burning and trenching.
• Installation of cofferdams and Sacrificial anodes (bolted, welded and drop down).
• Underwater painting and corrosion protection above and below splash zone.
• Propellor polishing; according to Rupert Scale; Multi-stage polishing.
• Diamond wire cutting, LP grit blasting and HP water blasting.
• Holistic as well preliminary seabed surveys.
• Handling and disposal of explosives.

Technical Specification of selected services
UT - Thickness measurement by digital ultrasonic thickness meter
CP - Examination of the effect of cathodic protection
ACFM - Weld flaw & crack detection by alternating current field magnetic
MPI - Crack detection by magnetic particle inspection

If you have a large ship with valuable cargo it is advisable to contact ODIN DIVING A/S in order to reduce all costs related to any downtime.

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