Oplysninger om virksomheden

Soft & Teknik A/S

Adresse: Håndværkervej 3

9900 - Frederikshavn

Telefon: 98 42 95 35
Land: Denmark
Brancher: Manufacturing & Design
Advisory & Consulting
ICT & Network Solutions
Marine Industry


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Beskrivelse af virksomheden
Soft & Teknik A/S designs, develops, programs and implements user friendly solutions within control boards and operating systems for the process industry as well energy efficient solutions for housing associations. Soft & Teknik A/S was established in 1995, has 26 employees and head offices in Frederikshavn with a smaller department Sønderborg. Soft & Teknik A/S is built on high-tech know-how and competences and not least a serious focus on customer service.

At Soft & Teknik we are focused on development and implementation, but we know that it is the ongoing flow of activities that matters most to our customers. That is why we complete the implementation process along with the customer's own electrician. He knows the company's technical setup in regards of circuits, wiring, control boxes and more. He will get the full insight into the complex setup to a point where he will be able to control, service and facilitate the daily use, support and maintenance.

As a customer it can be a challenge to find actual prices and offers. We are supporting a transparent business process with open calculations and specified offers. Out entire premis of our calculated proposal will for any customer be covering the entire process down to last component. With that it is possible to adequately evaluate and compare different proposals. We may not be the cheapest solution - but we guarantee that the setup works and that the price is fixed as promised.

Our strength is our practical approach to the subject. We develop high-tech solutions and concepts but we also build the products and put them to use during an initial setup phase. That is why we are confident in our experience and know-how in regards to both the practical as well physical considerations that need to be taken in order to secure a functional and longlasting solution.

Our goal is to optimise management and control over processes.

Soft & Teknik is constantly developing, but our values always remain the same:

- It has to be easy to use
- We want to be the best
- It has to be entertaining
- Focus on technical development
- Offer the best customer support



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