Oplysninger om virksomheden


Hjemmeside: www.pti-as.dk
Adresse: Vennelystvej 2

6880 - Tarm

Telefon: +45 97 37 16 33
E-mail: mail@pti-as.dk
Land: Denmark
Brancher: Manufacturing & Design
Food & Food Processing


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E-mail: mail@pti-as.dk
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Beskrivelse af virksomheden
PTI A/S was founded in 1963 and is located in the western part of Denmark. Originally, the company was set up as a service engineering company for the local dairy plants. Over time, however, the company has developed into a manufacturer of special processing equipment for the food industry with the capability to design equipment which meets customers’ individual requirements.

Today, PTI A/S has its own design department and employs more than 30 people. PTI’s speciality lies within project planning and manufacturing of stainless steel units and machine plants. Furthermore, PTI is also subsupplier to different companies, as we also perform industrialized assignments. Our equipment for the food industry is mainly focused on the dairy, soft drink and bakery industries.

PTI designs and manufactures equipment for liquid milk processing, ice cream and acidified milk products. Also, PTI manufactures bakery processing equipment such as mixing units, pumping systems and dosing systems.

In the production, PTI has versatile machinery with the newest technologies. It includes CNC controlled machines for cutting, bending, welding and chip handling in stainless steel. We attach great importance to a healthy working environment and therefore we have adapted the working stations accordingly. Naturally we fulfil all environmental requirements – also in connection with manufacturing of stainless steel.



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