Oplysninger om virksomheden

Aalborg Gummivarefabrik A/S

Hjemmeside: www.aag.world
Adresse: Sundsholmen 3

9400 - Noerresundby

Telefon: 98 15 80 22
E-mail: info@aag.world
Land: Denmark
Brancher: Manufacturing & Design
Transport & Logistics
Tools & Machinery
Renewable Energy
Construction & Buildings


Navn: Allan Tarp
Stilling: Salgschef
E-mail: at@aag-gummi.dk
Telefon: 23203828
Linkedin: Se profil

Beskrivelse af virksomheden
AAG is one of the leading suppliers of rubber, foam and plastic in Denmark, and offers solutions that seal, damp and protect people, machinery and material across all industries.

The innovative and customised solutions focus on functionality, increased productivity, durability and allow savings for the customers. The solutions cover a wide range of industries such as wind energy, oil & gas, maritime, transport, construction, industry, electronics, ventilation (HVAC), agriculture, food, medical and health & sport.

As a serious supplier to the shipping industry, AAG offers quality solutions for large Danish and international shipyards, repair shipyards, shipping companies, waterfronts and regions as well as local port associations. At AAG you get access to a wide range of standard rubber products to be delivered overnight.

AAG has long tradition of providing technical rubber solutions for the manufacturing and machinery industry. Our solutions are widely used within the industry, from small forges to major Danish and international manufacturers. Collaboration and guidance has over the years been one of our core competencies. AAG offers customers professional advice and general guidance concerning the use of technical rubber in the industry all the way from the initial development and until the actual production process. AAG has a wide standard program, and we stock gaskets, seals and molded items.

AAG is supplier of food grade rubber solutions used primarily to seal, insulate or silence in the food industry. AAG provides rubber products to the entire food industry e.g. dairies, slaughterhouses, fishing industries, horticultures, bakeries as well as the meat and beverage industry. AAG has extensive knowledge within norms and product standards for food, and we offer solutions that meet both the manufacturing, quality, processing and/or storage standards.



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