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Hipaq A/S

Adresse: Vidalsvej 4

9230 - Svenstrup

Telefon: +45 98 38 32 00
Land: Denmark
Brancher: Other
Tools & Machinery
Marine Industry


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Beskrivelse af virksomheden
HIPAQ A/S specializes in high pressure engineering for industrial, marine and offshore applications. A highly specialised company with global ambitions in our field of expertise. Most solutions are custom-made for optimal performance and minimal size, weight, noise and maintenance.

30 years of experience in the business of pump- and air compressor technology, means we know the challenges facing our customers every day. And so, we do not compromise in any phase of the process – from the early dimensioning to the implementation of the final solution and the following professional support throughout the product's life span.

HIPAQ has extensive experience in using components from several leading manufacturers, allowing us to select the components which in combination produce the optimal solution for each new task.

Offshore industry:
HIPAQ supplies a broad range of solutions for the offshore industry - often turnkey systems customized to requirements applying specifically to the challenging environment in which these systems need to operate. We design and build pumping systems up to 3000 bar, diesel driven air compressors for Zone 2 up to 70m3/min., and cleaning systems. All comply with NORSOK, DNV, API and the ATEX directive.

Marine industry:
HIPAQ designs and builds a wide range of high pressure systems for the maritime industry. These solutions are primarily used for ship renovation, ship maintenance, platform maintenance, cleaning of ship decks and ballast tanks, pipe cleaning, removing rust and basecoats and general cleaning.

HIPAQ designs and builds various pressurized systems for manufacturing companies and public institutions. The solutions are often made for concrete renovation, high pressure cleaning of heat exchangers, general maintenance, surface cleaning and for removing rust and base coats.

HIPAQ is an approved Achilles JQS supplier, and is certified according to ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2008.



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