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Adresse: HEDELUND 4

7870 - Roslev

Telefon: +45 7217 5555
Land: Denmark
Brancher: Agri and Farm-tech
Ventilation & Cooling


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Beskrivelse af virksomheden
SKOV is a world leader in climate and farm management for animal production, and it produces the best all-in solutions that increase the productivity of your livestock production. The systems are customised to ensure that you benefit from local production conditions and achieve the best possible production results.

Highly specialised in ventilation and farm management, SKOV holds substantial expertise regarding animal climate requirements and how to create an optimum livestock house climate.

Full-line and global partner
As a full-line manufacturer, SKOV develops, tests, procures and produces all the components that make up a ventilation or farm management system. You will get an all-in solution in which all components have been developed and optimised in relation to one another. All components are of the highest quality and thoroughly tested, giving you a solution that will last for many years and ensure optimum production conditions for your livestock. SKOV has a complete picture of your project and provide you with a solution based on the thinking behind the system. This means that all components are dimensioned and developed to form a system ensuring the best conditions for the livestock and high productivity for the producer. In addition, you will be dealing with only one supplier, making it easier to keep track, avoid confusion and save lots of time. Time that you can spend on running your business.

SKOV has many years' experience and has installed systems in more than 50 countries across the globe. The importance to you is the extensive knowledge base that SKOV can bring to bear on your solution. SKOV knows the market and the demands on modern animal production, and it adapts its products accordingly.




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