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Hjemmeside: /
Adresse: Rævevej 22

7800 - Skive

Telefon: +45 9752 2099
Land: Denmark
Brancher: Fishing Technology
Food & Food Processing


Navn: Ivan Kristensen
Stilling: Owner
Telefon: +45 5126 2096

Beskrivelse af virksomheden
- Gutting and filleting machines for seafood

Kroma is an internationally oriented company. With roots in Denmark, Kroma operates globally with solutions for even the most local fish species in both fresh water and salt water. Given the growing complexity of machines, the need for fast and reliable service has also increased. At Kroma, technicians are continuously trained to ensure that they are updated with the latest information about both machines and processes.

Kroma’s many years of experience with machinery for the processing industry are manifested in the way it designs new machines but also in the way Kroma designs comprehensive systems for its clients.

Each and every machine ever designed at Kroma incorporates vast amounts of know-how and many hours of experience. As demands placed on machinery constantly change, a machine from Kroma is your guarantee that you will have a stable “employee” for many years to come. Kroma has machines delivered to clients at the end of the 1970s that are still up and running.

Kroma's machines are often designed for several different fish species, yet each individual machine is dedicated to an individual species to ensure the best processing result possible. Kroma’s product portfolio contains machinery for gutting, de-scaling, measuring, fileting, cleaning and marinating fish. All the machines are electronically controlled. The company provides follow-up service worldwide. Besides these, Kroma can provide customizable machinery for its customer’s needs, if possible.

Kroma offers good quality and service, machinery that works on basically all kinds of fish, with a high precision and reduces production costs. They always think and act based on their customer’s interest, and they expect the same from their partners. Kroma has different solutions for its customers, for example:

* VISIOMASTER, a system that photographs the fish passing through the gutting machines and has the purpose to identify the fish that needs extra gutting or extra cleaning.

*BRINEMASTER is a totally peculiar product in the world, it will inject marinade into the fish that is being processed in a GUTMASTER 1200, can be used with salt water or garlic solution, or any other marinade the customer desires for its products to be flavorful and have a higher yield.

Kroma is constantly improving but keeping in touch with the tradition, the company is constantly searching for new solutions and modern ways to improve their products and their customer’s experience. They work to give their customers competitive advantage through optimized work processes. Kroma is not only developing gutting machines, but also a wide range of other technological opportunities. The company can also assist with a well-established project management model for start-up businesses or existing ones, this way their customers get greater competitive force with first-mover effect.

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