Piston Rod (friction welded)

Aviatec ApS

Industry: Manufacturing & Design,Tools & Machinery,Food & Food Processing
Size: 10-30
Website: http://www.aviatec.dk/
Address: Lufthavnsvej 25 B

Contact person: Jeppe Troelsen
Phone: +4540816012
E-mail: jeppe@aviatec.dk

Product description
A piston rod is well suited for friction welding as it consists of two parts - a piston head and a pipe – of dissimilar diameters and materials.
High strength, flexibility and a hygienic and easy-to-clean design are the required properties of piston rods, proper- ties that make friction welding an obvious welding solution.
The use of friction welding during the manufacturing of these products allows cost savings in both material consumption and production time.
A means to save on production costs is to mix materials – cheap and expensive materials can be joined together
– without weakening the strength of the final product.
Aviatec is currently a supplier to leading manufacturers, such as Grundfos and Danfoss, within the industry.
We are standing by to help you find solutions to your manufacturing needs.

Our product is tailored to these requirements:

? friction welding is more durable and stronger than
traditional welding techniques

? working hours – repair – maintenance

? materials – finish of end product – standardised products

? friction welding leaves no holes, cracks or pores that
may provide a breeding ground for bacterial growth.

Price: On request

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