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Address: Slotspladsen 1 B 9000 - Aalborg
Phone: +45 2524 8711
Country: Denmark
Industries: Manufacturing & Design

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About the company
Based in Aalborg, the old Danish “Silicon Valley”, the Create It REAL international team is made up of experts in 3D printing technologies, electronics, 3D graphics and mechanics.

We have developed the worldwide first real-time processor dedicated to 3D printing and launched a powerful platform that reduces the time to market by half. It allows up to 5 times printing speed than standard technology and encrypts 3D files from the server down to the printer itself for IP protection.

We work mainly with 3D printer manufacturers but also with start-ups willing to enter the 3D printing market as fast as possible, using the best technology available. We provide consulting for companies interested in implementing additive manufacturing to develop their business.

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