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Vane Kompagniet

Address: Porsvej 2 9000 - Aalborg
Phone: +4531654018
Country: Denmark
Industries: Advisory & Consulting

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About the company
Vane Kompagniet is created with the vision of combining personal and professional succes through personal ledership.
The question is: what value do you find in your professional succes, if it is at the expense of your health, passion for life and your privatelife?

The mission is to be a sounding board and facilitator to help leaders, CEOs and key-employees to make use of the full potential with high performance habits, to be the best version of themselfes and make sustainable succes.

As a succes coach, Malene Hein is both a professional and personal sounding board through 1:1 sessions, online courses and workshops.

Learn more on the website, or contact Malene Hein for a no-obligation meeting.



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