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Hammel Plast

Address: Norgesvej 3 8540 - Hammel
Phone: +45 87620000
Country: Denmark
Industries: Manufacturing & Design
Tools & Machinery

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About the company
Hammel Plast is a family owned and managed company. The company has roots back to 1989 where Bent and Anni founded a small tool shop. The communication is open and honest among Hammel Plast, and the organisational structure today is very agile in order to fulfill the customers’ requirements.

The idea and vision of Hammel Plast is to develop and produce durable solutions that create the largest value for its customers at a reasonable price level with sustainable solutions as a priority. Hammel Plast is constantly challenging itself to create better solutions faster. The company takes pride in delivering premium quality in everything it does. Hammel Plast shows leadership in its industry and innovate the future of plastic products.

Hammel Plast provides various services within tooling and plastic production. From idea to mass production – Hammel Plast manages all the steps. Its passion is to be involved in the pioneering innovation of the plastic industry. This has led Hammel Plast to offer the following services:
· Design Evaluation
· Design-For-Manufacturing (DFM)
· Prototype & testing
· Injection Mold building with long life span
· Production
· Packaging
· Pad Printing
· Assembly

At Hammel Plast the engineering function is part of a total product development solution geared toward reducing cost and time-to-market. Engineers and designers partner with the customers to bring concept to reality using the most modern techniques. Hammel Plast has developed core expertise in design, prototyping and manufacturing services in response to market demands.
Capabilities with engineering:
· Experienced design-for-manufacturability & technical support
· OEMs to focus on core competencies
· Speed-to-market
· Reduced overhead

Hammel Plast has a unique advantage that sets it apart from the standard injection molding manufacturer, the toolmakers. Hammel Plast´s on-site tool department allows the company to reduce turnaround time on new products. The goal to obtain maximum production, minimum cycle time and prolonged mold life is accomplished in one simple process.
Capabilities within tooling:
· CNC Mills
· EDMs
· Lathes
· Infinity Grade Option
· Care & Maintenance of existing molds
· Versatile mold bases to reduce costs
· Interchangeable cavitites
· Various Types of Prototyping



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