AndersenNews - Week 6

In this week's newsletter:

-The Moroccan Ambassador Welcomes more Projects
-Lean Landing - The Fast Track to New European Markets (free)
-Invitation: Travel Safety Awareness Training
-Financing: Open Pre-Screening for the Market Development Fund
-Financing: Apply for Funding from the Danish Industry Foundation

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AndersenNews #34

90 % succesrate på mødebooking gennem netværk fremfor kanvas. 7 nye netværksarrangementer i efteråret.


AndersenNews #33

Læs om stærkt samarbejde mellem to premium-medlemmer, mød 5 nye medlemmer og læs om netværkstur til Kroatien.


Valuable Network Leads to Business with Mutual Trust

The two premium B2B members, 2M Ståldesign ApS and Blue IT ApS have commenced a collaboration in order to solve the difficulties 2M experienced with their former IT provider.

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