Andersen Consult Business Delegation to Bangladesh Results in Danish Exports

In close cooperation with the Danish Embassy and Export Counsellor Søren Robenhagen and his dedicated team, Andersen Consult completed its third business delegation in 2017 with fully sold out seats. 15 Danish companies decided to explore Bangladesh within the area of Renewable Energy, Energy and Water Efficiency in the Textile/Garment Industry.

The Government of Bangladesh has decided to improve workers’ risk, reduce waste and increase energy efficiency in the production of garments and textiles. This was immediately recognised by Denmark which developed a project to support this industry to identify methods and technical solutions to improve the situation. The delegation was developed to provide direct access to Danish solutions and services.

Visit our Facebook page HERE to see images and videos from the delegation.

Textile production units were visited to understand the challenges and opportunities in practice. A seminar with participation of 65 local companies and the delegates was organised and followed up by B2B meetings between the participants. A Green-Growth conference was also organised with 250 participants with key note speakers of the most significant local production companies in Bangladesh. All welcoming Danish interaction with knowledge, technology and service. B2B meetings were carried out and a great number of valuable commercial contacts were secured for the Danish participants.

Lastly, the delegates re-visited local firms of special interest to the future commercial cooperation. Full satisfaction with an active 5-day program was reported to us by all Danish delegates upon departure and lots of future for Bangladesh and Danish cooperation.

The delegation participants are depicted in the appended image.

Myanmar and Morocco are our next destinations after the Danish summer holidays. We participated in the first foreign business delegation to Myanmar after the country opened and we have since conducted 4 delegations to this exciting market. Detailed information will be informed later
in AndersenNews as well as on our social media channels.

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