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The Danish owned company, Safevent specialises in prevention, containment and handling of explosions and fires. For over a decade, Safevent has delivered solutions that help organisations secure both their staff, production facilities and buildings against explosion and fire related incidents. They offer customised solutions that detect and eliminate ignition sources, explosions and fires in production facilities and buildings. This minimise the damage done to facilities, structures and employees, to a wide range of industries such as the food, plastic, chemical, metallic and district heating plants.

The many years of experience within multiple industries is the guarantee that Safevent understands and respects the uniqueness of each client’s requirements to safety. “At Safevent, we approach each case differently ensuring the optimum solution on behalf of our customers. The expertise and know-how we have built makes us capable and reliable advisors who is available for our customers to use when planning safety initiatives.”, states owner and CEO of Safevent, René Hvidkær.

René continues, “Our membership at helps us learn more about some of the industries we supply our solutions to. Also, the platform enhances our recognition for potential clients or collaborating partners. Therefore, we have now been a member for two years.”.Safevent works from the ideology of establishing close collaboration with their customers to understand and meet their specific needs and demands regarding safety. René concludes, “A close collaboration allows us to provide the optimal solution for our customer’s specific and unique processes, in new as well as existing plants”.

Safevent is constantly developing their products in order to live up to demands from legislators and insurance companies and to ensure their customers products of highest quality and with the best performance. One of the newest products from Safevent is the new Safe Granny water mist system. The system has been developed to prevent fatal fires that could have been avoided by improved fire detecting and fire extinguishing.

Safe Granny is developed for elder people, immobile citizens and other vulnerable individuals that aren’t able to detect fire hazard. The mission is to fight fatal fires which is why Safevent has developed Safe Granny’s water mist system. A quick detecting of fire or ignitions will activate the water mist system and fill the room with a water mist that will suffocate the fire much more efficiently than ordinary sprinkler systems. To present the function of Safe Granny, Safevent has made an informative and entertaining video as you can go see here

Safevent is the first in the market to develop a water mist system without a compression tank ensuring a safer product for the customers. A proposal of a new legislation concerning compression tanks in water mist systems might entail that Safevent’s Safe Granny will become the only legal water mist system in Denmark within the next couple of years.

If you want to know more about the possible legislation and Safevent’s different solutions, please contact CEO, René Hvidkær at mobile: +45 21628242 or mail:

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