Expansion of Number of Owners with Active Investors Secures Further Development of NORNA PLAYGROUNDS

NORNA PLAYGROUNDS A/S (former NORLEG A/S) has in recent years experienced a stable increase in both revenue and earnings. This has been achieved with a visionary strategy and good employees who works closely together with management to reach company goals. Norna Playgrounds’ export has increased from 2% to impressive 78% over the last 10 years and Norna is now producing and selling products to more than 27 countries – a development Norna Playgrounds wishes to continue.

Today, Norna Playgrounds is known for nature playgrounds in Robinia wood. However, the company also wants to keep up with the increased demand for playground equipment in stainless steel. Therefore, Norna Playgrounds has developed a new series, NORNA Urban, with an expected launch during 2019.

As part of the growth of NORNA PLAYGROUNDS A/S, the company has now been partly sold to a consortium of active investors. This has increased the owner group to seven people. Besides the present owners; Peter Bjerregaard, Torkild Skifter and Jens Skifter, Norna Playgrounds now also have four new co-owners who will contribute with business development knowledge and experiences within the playground industry.

The larger and stronger ownership group will keep Norna Playgrounds on its impressive growth journey with a strong focus on business development and their insights into the segment Norna Playgrounds is working within.
The four new co-owners will not be part of the day-to-day operations, but will have a strong involvement with Norna Playgrounds management.

The company will continue the growth from its location in Brædstrup.

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