Clear Message from Morocco: This Century Must Belong to Africa 

Andersen Consult and have participated in this years Crans Montana Forum in Dakhla, Morocco. 5,000 participants have discussed South-South cooperation, Morocco’s economic development and, indeed, Africa’s participation in the global economy.

The forum started with a grand opening session with a very clear message from His Majesty Mohammad VI, King of Morocco, “this century must belong to Africa, average age on the continent is 19 and, to take the first step towards increased continental integration, His Majesty has cancelled all least developed African countries’ dues to Morocco.” This was followed by an open market approach of welcoming imports from those countries to Morocco. Morocco understands its key strategic geographical situation. We from the EU have to work with the country commercially and politically.

The opportunities and challenges for the continent were stressed by a number of its national leadership representatives: Good governance, elimination of corruption, investments in national and regional infrastructure, energy, private investments, FDI, education and much more were expressed as key areas of concern calling for unity and cooperation. We at will do our part and work to increase commercial cooperation between African and Nordic companies. From this comes understanding, recognition and respect.

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