B2B Networking in Aalborg Airport Generously hosted by Global Tours

Global Tours is about authentic and exclusive business travels – at very fair rates. Owner Sanne Petersen could tell all participants with great enthusiasm about the new trend “Bleasure”. Mixing business and pleasure in order to get the optimal output from employees, business partners, clients and other relevant people for your business. “This new trend is extremely exciting – you get your board, your staff or your clients into environments where everyone can relax and provide their optimal output to a given task. Often we organise team building trips, strategy meetings or similar travels. When carried out in environments where you can focus 100% on the job and combine it with good food and in fantastic environments, everyone is happy”, says Sanne Petersen. The company can also manage purely leisure travels, but it should be special, something that you will remember after coming home. "This is our brand", says Sanne, "to provide our clients with ease at mind whether on the job or in their spare time". Global Tours is based in Aalborg airport and everyone is welcome for a cup of coffee or a game of golf in the office. “2019 will be our break through year and I am expecting a lot of positive growth. I always visit the sites where we send out clients so that I know what my travellers are getting for their money. Quality is everything with Global Tours, this is the only way I can service my travellers", concludes Sanne after a hectic and well organised networking day in the airport.

Also participating on the day’s event was Consul General Anette Galskjøt based in Istanbul, Turkey. Anette could inform all why we should focus on Turkey as a very exciting market. Although their economy is under pressure presently, their industry is sound. In 2017, the country saw a maximum of foreign investments which is likely to proceed. Anette promoted especially outsourcing as a favourable business opportunity. And, a number of very large infrastructure and energy projects are on-going, the world’s largest airport is underway and a formidable ocean based windmill farm is being developed. In both areas, Danish SMEs have a lot to offer and should take an interest, according to Anette. She rounded off by inviting all our B2B members to come to Istanbul and to let her demonstrate all the benefits of doing business in Turkey. We will work with Anette and Global Tours to offer a visit to the market.

We were invited to take a tour of the airport and Per Geisler provided a very energetic and informative inspection of all facilities. A number of us were introduced for the first time to the lounge for business travellers, the Priority Lounge, which surely will be visited frequently in future. All in all, the airport is a very successful business case growing from about 50 employees to 350 in 10 years. And, providing a positive result in all the years since “liberated” from the State. We were also informed that the greatest concern of the airport is servicing its travellers. Being late for a flight means airport staff are ready at the entry to get people through security and on board the airplane, while baggage is being managed and your car will be parked safely and, of course, free of charge at the airports parking facilities. No where else is this kind of all out service offered in Denmark. Aalborg has Denmark’s best airport, at leat according to the airport itself. However, it seemed that the networkers tended to agree.

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