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Yesterday, we attended a well organised event by Væksthus Midtjylland and the Danish Industry Foundation about sales and e-export through global online market places. Danish companies have a huge potential in exploiting these channels as only 2% of their total turnover is based on web sales to export markets. What is even more noteworthy is that only 4% of Danish companies are selling through online market platform today. Compared to other countries globally, Denmark has to improve in this field to be part of these booming e-market opportunities.
Amazon and similar platforms were highlighted as obvious channels to start e-export, and it was highly recommended to start using these channels as soon as possible, before Amazon enters Denmark for real and brings a high level of global competition. Now is the moment to explore the opportunities while still maintaining one’s market position in Denmark. A new platform is being developed for this purpose, a tool that can assist companies in easily uploading their products to different digital market platforms in a few steps.


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